Link Love: 20 Egg-Free Breakfasts and Desserts

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20 Egg-Free Breakfasts and Desserts | Phoenix Helix

If you’re on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, you can’t have eggs, and it’s the food many people miss the most. To help, I’ve collected a group of 20 delicious egg-free recipes that meet the rest of the Paleo AIP criteria, as well. Happy Cooking!

Egg-Free Breakfast Recipes

Egg-Free Desserts

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19 thoughts on “Link Love: 20 Egg-Free Breakfasts and Desserts

  1. This is a great list! (And thanks for including my recipe.) 🙂

    I always get questions about paleo breakfast ideas that don’t have eggs. I’m going to keep this marked as a resource!

  2. Thanks! Can’t wait to check these out. I’ve been having bone broth with veggies for breakfast every day with some meat, chicken or fish alongside it, but always nice to have some variety! I am not sure if I have an egg issue or not. I’ve had IgG testing that said I did, but upon cutting them out I had no symptom change. For now I am going to cut out the AIP foods and see if symptoms improve. The I might try reintroducing. Is this an approach that works well, even for the AIP? Thanks again!

    • Deena, I recommend reading my whole autoimmune protocol series, because I think you’d be interested in all of the information. Start here. There’s a link to information on canned coconut milk in the section on optional future experiments. I make my own coconut milk, but some people do fine with canned.

  3. Great list! My go-to seems to be sauteed veggies of some sort (this morning was kholerabi greens and swiss chard) and meat, be it leftovers, hamburger, bacon, homemade sausage… It gets old. I have a FOODMAP intolerance too, so no plantain but Ill give some of these a try. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for sharing this at the Healthy Tuesday hop. I have to share it with my sister! She’s vegetarian, considering going vegan.

  5. Hi! I am new to this wonderful site and to AIP… Doing much reading and research..about to brace myself to go on this diet. I am not seeing info on protein shakes… Knowing the breakfast should be crammed with protein. Any input on types recommended? Thanks for putting this together to make navigating a bit easier…

    • Hi Mary. Protein shakes are a processed food, so they’re not recommended. For a high protein-breakfast, just choose the recipes above that contain meat or fish.

  6. Eileen,

    I am doing AIP for past 3 weeks. The hardest part for me is to meat. I am mostly vegetarian. I try to eat fish atleast once a day. Even chicken is hard for me. How do I get protein in my diet?
    How will make AIP work for me.
    Also, since I started it, I have noticed more aches in my arms and hands. Maybe I didn’t notice before and I am more conscious now.
    You have been an inspiration. i want this diet and lifestyle change to work for me.

    • Fish is an excellent protein, and if you’re eating it daily, stick with that for now, but eat as wide a variety as possible, both fish and shellfish for the most diverse nutrition. If in the future you feel ready to expand to more meat, this is a great article on making the transition:

      As for how you’re feeling, there will be ups and downs as you heal. Flares will happen, although hopefully less and less frequently. Pain will happen, but hopefully less and less over time. I recommend keeping a daily diary of how you’re feeling, because we do tend to focus on what still hurts instead of what’s gotten better. Looking back at your progress over months really shows how much has changed. Here’s an article I wrote about my own journal-keeping:

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