Celebrating the 100th Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable!

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Celebrating the 100th Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable! | Phoenix Helix

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” ~ Ruth Reichl

Making History!

When I went AIP almost 3 years ago now, there were hardly any recipes available. Now, thousands of people are using the paleo autoimmune protocol as a tool for healing, and the AIP blogosphere has exploded! Through this roundtable series, those talented bloggers come together to share what they’re cooking in their own kitchens. This is the 100th roundtable – woot woot! What does that mean? Over the past 2 years, almost 2,000 recipes have been shared. You can see the entire archive here (and there are no repeats – every linkup is unique). Food ruts be gone! I went back through all the roundtables, checked the stats and made a list of the most popular recipes – one from each roundtable. Who wants to tackle the challenge of cooking ALL of these next year? That would be a fun New Year’s Resolution.

The Top 100 Paleo AIP Recipes
*One from Every Roundtable

  1. Roundtable #1: Spaghetti with Nomato Sauce from A Clean Plate
  2. Roundtable #2: Cottage Pie from Comfort Bites
  3. Roundtable #3: Plantain Pizza from Simple and Merry
  4. Roundtable #4: Mini No-Bake Pumpkin Pies from Livin’ the Crunchy Life
  5. Roundtable #5: Salted Caramel Coconut Popcorn from Simple and Merry
  6. Roundtable #6: Plantain Crackers from The Paleo Mom
  7. Roundtable #7: Cinnamon Crumb Cakes from Simple and Merry
  8. Roundtable #8: Zucchini Noodles with Scallops and Bacon from Meatified
  9. Roundtable #9: Winter Veggies in Spiced Coconut Milk from Phoenix Helix
  10. Roundtable #10: Cream of Chicken Soup from Eileen’s Everyone Eats Right
  11. Roundtable #11: Cream of Broccoli Soup from Autoimmune-Paleo
  12. Roundtable #12: Meat Muffins from petra8paleo
  13. Roundtable #13: Coconut Date Balls from Oh The Things We’ll Make
  14. Roundtable #14: Homemade Marshmallows from Salixisme
  15. Roundtable #15: One Ingredient Sweet Potato Latkes from She Swings on a Star
  16. Roundtable #16: Plantain Taco Shells from The Primitive Homemaker
  17. Roundtable #17: Strawberries and Cream Tart from Delicious Obsessions
  18. Roundtable #18: Herb and Coconut Crusted Chicken Breasts from The Primitive Homemaker
  19. Roundtable #19: Avocado Ranch Dressing from Feed Me Rachel
  20. Roundtable #20: Meatloaf from Nutrisclerosis and Autoimmune-Paleo
  21. Roundtable #21: Ground Beef Hash from Salixisme
  22. Roundtable #22: Baked Tortillas from Predominantly Paleo
  23. Roundtable #23: ‘Chocolate’ Cake from A Clean Plate
  24. Roundtable #24: Barbecue Sauce from Kaiku Lifestyle
  25. Roundtable #25: Zucchini Burgers from Enjoying This Journey
  26. Roundtable #26: Arepas Rellenas from The Primordial Table
  27. Roundtable #27: Berry Delicious Candy from The Paleo PI
  28. Roundtable #28: Lebanese Pork Hand Pie from Grazed and Enthused
  29. Roundtable #29: N’Oatmeal Cream Pies from He Won’t Know It’s Paleo
  30. Roundtable #30: Crispy Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Mango Dipping Sauce from The Primordial Table
  31. Roundtable #31: Carob Truffles from Unconventional Baker
  32. Roundtable #32: BBQ Chicken Nachos from Grazed and Enthused
  33. Roundtable #33: 3 Ingredient Amazeballs from Almost Bananas
  34. Roundtable #34: Chicken ‘N Gravy from Grazed and Enthused
  35. Roundtable #35: Egg Rolls from Forest and Fauna
  36. Roundtable #36: Zucchini ‘Cheese’ from I Eat Real Food and Gutsy by Nature
  37. Roundtable #37: Pita Pockets from He Won’t Know It’s Paleo
  38. Roundtable #38: Fig Newtons from AIPaleo & SLE
  39. Roundtable #39: BBQ Pizza with Chicken, Bacon and Cilantro from My Big Fat Grain Free Life
  40. Roundtable #40: AIP Queso from He Won’t Know It’s Paleo
  41. Roundtable #41: Pumpkin Spice ‘Na’tte from Slightly Lost Girl
  42. Roundtable #42: Rustic Apple Cinnamon Rolls from Grazed and Enthused
  43. Roundtable #43: Roasted Cinnamon Pear ‘Oatmeal’ from Healing Family Eats
  44. Roundtable #44: Low-FODMAP Sunday Stew from petra8paleo
  45. Roundtable #45: Golden Squash Drop Biscuits from Field Notes on Healing
  46. Roundtable #46: Greek Meatballs and Tzatziki from petra8paleo
  47. Roundtable #47: Fresh Ginger Spice Cookies from Adventures in Partaking
  48. Roundtable #48: AIP Hummus from Grazed and Enthused
  49. Roundtable #49: Macronutrient Cupcakes from petra8paleo
  50. Roundtable #50: Rustic Pear Galette from Beyond the Bite
  51. Roundtable #51: Breakfast Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from Adventures in Partaking
  52. Roundtable #52: Dinner Rolls from The Curious Coconut
  53. Roundtable #53: Sweet Plantain Waffles from Hold the Grain
  54. Roundtable #54: Crispy Fried Chicken from Strictly Delicious
  55. Roundtable #55: Banana Cinnamon Teacake by Healing Family Eats
  56. Roundtable #56: Butternut Squash Risotto from Autoimmune Paleo
  57. Roundtable #57: White Chicken ‘Chili’ from Sweet Potatoes and Social Change
  58. Roundtable #58: AIP Brownies from Enjoying This Journey
  59. Roundtable #59: Hot Woman Shake from petra8paleo
  60. Roundtable #60: Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings from Sweet Potatoes and Social Change
  61. Roundtable #61: Creamy Seafood Chowder from Where the Wild Rose Grows
  62. Roundtable #62: Egg-Free Mayo 3 Ways from Real Food with Dana
  63. Roundtable #63: Chicken Piccata from Gutsy by Nature
  64. Roundtable #64: Shepherd’s Pie from Don’t Eat the Spatula
  65. Roundtable #65: Maple Brown Sugar N’Oatmeal from Strictly Delicious
  66. Roundtable #66: Celebration Chicken Salad from The Nutritionista
  67. Roundtable #67: Slow Cooker Carnitas with Plantain Wraps from Salixisme
  68. Roundtable #68: Crispy Cinnamon Thin Cookies from A Squirrel in the Kitchen
  69. Roundtable #69: Nightshade-Free Salsa from Angels Homestead
  70. Roundtable #70: Garlic-Dill Parsnip Fries from Grazed and Enthused
  71. Roundtable #71: Grain-Free Granola from Angels Homestead
  72. Roundtable #72: Mason Jar ‘Instant’ Ramen Zoodles from Strictly Delicious
  73. Roundtable #73: Amazeballs Cauli-Sauce from Angel Slice
  74. Roundtable #74: BBQ Pork Buns from Sweet Potatoes and Social Change
  75. Roundtable #75: Homemade Italian Dressing from Don’t Eat the Spatula
  76. Roundtable #76: Rainbow Rolls from I Eat Real Food and Eat Heal Thrive
  77. Roundtable #77: Salmon Patties from Angels Homestead
  78. Roundtable #78: Breakfast Smoothie from Sweet Potatoes and Social Change
  79. Roundtable #79: Chinese Daikon Cakes from Paleo Pumpkin
  80. Roundtable #80: Mediterranean Broccoli Cakes from Grazed and Enthused
  81. Roundtable #81: Cauliflower-Leek-Carrot ‘Rice’ from Joy-Filled Nourishment
  82. Roundtable #82: Orange Creamsicle Squares from Eat Heal Thrive
  83. Roundtable #83: Strawberry Basil Chicken Flatbread from Sweet Potatoes and Social Change
  84. Roundtable #84: Crusty Bread from Cook It Up Paleo
  85. Roundtable #85: Asian Meatballs from Joy-Filled Nourishment
  86. Roundtable #86: Green Onion Cakes from Eat Heal Thrive
  87. Roundtable #87: Chicken, Leek and Bacon Mini Pies from Joanna Frankham Coaching
  88. Roundtable #88: Cappuccino Detox ‘Coffee’ from Forest and Fauna
  89. Roundtable #89: Nightshade-Free Buffalo Chicken Skillet from Grazed and Enthused
  90. Roundtable #90: Carrot Cake Breakfast Cereal from Eat Heal Thrive
  91. Roundtable #91: Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes from Angel Slice
  92. Roundtable #92: Smoky AIP ‘Chili’ from Adventures in Partaking
  93. Roundtable #93: Salty Crackers from Paleo Pumpkin
  94. Roundtable #94: Chicken Breakfast Skillet from Joy-Filled Nourishment
  95. Roundtable #95: Chicken Pot Pie from Gutsy By Nature
  96. Roundtable #96: Pumpkin Spice Pancakes from Sweet Potatoes and Social Change
  97. Roundtable #97: Sweet Potato Raisin Scones from Cook It Up Paleo
  98. Roundtable #98: Starch-Free Gravy from Sweet Treats
  99. Roundtable #99: Hot ‘Chocolate’ from Unbound Wellness
  100. The Recipe I Make Most Frequently: Breakfast Soup by Phoenix Helix

The regular Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable Linkup will return next week. If you have a recipe you want to share now, last week’s roundtable linkup is still open.

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Celebrating the 100th Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable! | Phoenix Helix
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30 thoughts on “Celebrating the 100th Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable!

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  2. What a wonderful community we have here. Thank you Eileen for hosting this every week and bringing inspiration to all.

  3. Holy cannoli! It’s hard to imagine this is the 100th. Thank you for hosting the roundtable each week. It’s been helpful for so many – I have no doubt.

  4. Amazeballs! thanks so much eileen for sharing this. Your roundups are such a great resource. I look forward to the every week. And what a surprise to be featured here!

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  6. Thank you so much! I never feel a need to rush reintroductions when I go through the recipe roundup. There are so many recipes to try, which helps me to keep living AIP and continue my healing. It’s such a great thing, that not only do I no longer have RA pain and rarely have even a hint of soreness (there was a time when I could barely walk or open anything), but my monthly cramps no longer exist! Such incredible improvement after only 1 year on AIP. Also, your recipe roundups have helped me find more AIP bloggers. I greatly appreciate your work, and the work of all the recipe creators. Thank you again!

  7. What an amazing list this is. I’m honored to have 3 recipes on it! I’m the only person in my family who tries to eat aip most of the time, and am thankful to have such a great site I can come to for recipes and inspiration. Thank you Eileen!

    • It’s hard to be the only one eating AIP. I’m so glad there’s a community of support online. Thanks for your recipes, April!

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  9. Thank you Eileen for creating Phoenix Helix, it helps me feel not alone on this lonely road. I love the food and all the people on this link. Thank you for the love and care you’re giving.

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