What Is A Healing Diet?

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What is a Healing Diet? | Phoenix Helix

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison

The diets featured on this website are the GAPS Diet, Paleo Diet and Wahls Diet. What they all have in common is the removal of foods that are difficult to digest (such as grains and legumes), and the addition of foods that are nutrient-dense (such as wildcaught seafoodorgan meat, fermented vegetables, bone broth and naturally saturated fats.) That list might surprise people, since the mainstream media has been promoting whole grains as healthy and saturated fats as unhealthy for some time. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is often wrong.

Hippocrates once said that all disease begins in the gut. More and more people with autoimmune disease are finding this to be true. There is a theory called Leaky Gut Syndrome: When the digestive system becomes impaired over the years, three things happen: (1) The intestinal lining becomes thinner, (2) harmful bacteria start to outnumber the beneficial bacteria in our digestive tract and (3) food isn’t digested completely. For example, protein is meant to break down into amino acids, which then become the building blocks for every cell in your body. If your digestion is impaired, however, some proteins will only break down into peptides (one step up from amino acids). If these slip into the bloodstream through the thinned intestinal lining, the body doesn’t recognize them and can’t use them at all. In fact, they’re seen as foreign invaders, and this sets off an alarm in the body, which you experience as inflammation. If this continues to happen day in and day out, certain disease genes get triggered. For me it was rheumatoid arthritis. For you, it might be lupus, or multiple sclerosis.

The diets listed above are designed to correct this imbalance and heal your digestive system. As it heals, symptoms lessen, and instead of your disease progressing (as modern medicine expects), it regresses (you start to get better). Watch this inspiring video of Terry Wahls, who reversed her multiple sclerosis through diet, as one powerful example.

This website can’t promise anything. I’m one woman who has seen dramatic improvement in her own autoimmune condition, and I’m part of a growing group of people who are experiencing the same, all through our diet and lifestyle choices. I hope you’ll join us and see what a healing diet can do for you.

What is a Healing Diet? | Phoenix Helix
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27 thoughts on “What Is A Healing Diet?

  1. I have great interest in any information regarding BioChemistry. I believe many of our answers are to be found in the foundation and fabric of our being. Good is a big part of that picture. I look forward to you sharing your insights and experiences. Thank you for your courage and compassion in sharing.

  2. I have arthritis and enjoyed your website and please keep mailing me your interesting ideas. My right leg is giving lots of problems. I work in spring and summer in the garden. Do metitation etc according your article. \help me out it is autoimmune disease which I know.Thanks

    • Thanks for subscribing! You can expect an email once a week, with a new article on food, complementary healing, or another success story to keep us all inspired.

  3. I found your blog a few weeks ago and commented on your gravy for your pot roast. Since then I have been thinking more and more about this GAPS diet. For the past 3 years my anxiety has been getting worse and worse and now I experience panic as well. This is so hard because I am a 30 year old mom of 3 little children. It’s very limiting and scary. I started researching more about what the diet can help and I think this is something I might benefit from. I KNOW the diet can heal the body. Our food is so important. I’ve been eating healither lately with no processed foods but never considered the healthy whole grains I’ve been eating could be causing problems. I went GF for 4 months a few years ago and it seemed to help a bit although 4 months isn’t very long. I’m ready for a change and I hope this is my answer. I’m ready for this to be healed!

    • I know, with whole grains promoted by the media as the healthiest food ever, it’s bizarre to realize that for many of us, the opposite is true. Absolutely, people have improved mentally as well as physically, from both the GAPS and Paleo diets. Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride talks about the gut-brain connection in her book. Also, today I was listening to a podcast by Sarah (The Paleo Mom) and Stacy (from Paleo Parents), and both of them said they had anxiety attacks prior to switching to a paleo diet. Now, they have no anxiety. t’s a common story, so hopefully going grain-free will help you, too!

    • Here’s the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-paleo-view/id553710453 . The one I was listening to is Episode 30: Basic Paleo FAQ, and about 1/2 hour into the program, they talk about anxiety. You might want to subscribe to their podcast, because they have a lot of good information, and they are mothers as well, with good tips for taking care of yourself when you’re a Mom, and also how to transition kids to a paleo diet.

  4. I think this way of eating will help my sister who has RA. She is on a chemo medication and steroids which have had awful repercussions to her health. She is in constant pain yet is an occupational therapist assistant who does home health. The lifting, the torque on her joints and the exhaustion is taking a terrible toll on her. I am so hoping this might be the answer to her problems.

    • I hope so, too! Definitely send her the link to my website, and let her know she can contact me if she has questions.

  5. I’m on a little mix of Paleo and GAPS. I was diagnosed with Lupus 4 mos. ago (symptomatic for years). After intense research I went Gluten/grain/dairy/nightshade free – it’s about 3 months now. I’m doing much, much better physically. For a while there I was limping and shuffling around – couldn’t lift plates and pans, couldn’t drive because my shoulders hurt so bad. While I’m also on meds (Prednisone and Plaquenil – for now at least) and I understand Lupus comes and goes in flares – I know the diet changes have helped significantly! Thanks for the great info and spreading the word!

  6. I have microscopic colitis, candida overgrowth and psoriasis of the tongue and hashi’s(16 yrs) also have anxiety disorder. I just now also started getting back the pain in my upper right side just under my ribcage after I eat. I was on SCD then FODMAPS and since fodmaps I am down to 1 BM a day but this tongue thing has me worried as it is another autoimmune disease (psoriasis) but I have nothing anywhere else on my body? so weird. I have run out of options of what to eat. SCD says no carbs – fodmaps says no avocado,brocolli,cauliflower,asparagus and my candida says no fruit and no carrots. WHAT AM I TO EAT!!! I am sooo frustrated with all of this. I live off organic bison, chicken, green beans and homemade 24 hour fermented yogurt with flax and maple syrup (think I have to stop the maple syrup). was adding in sweet pototatoes and wondering if the pain in gallbladder/liver area is from those or from too much diflucan which I take regularly to keep the yeast down. is there anything I can make that will give me a variety of tastes? I don’t even want to eat anymore. so depressing.

    • First of all, take a deep breath and slowly let it out. I’ve been there – totally overwhelmed and afraid of food, with no clue what to eat. What helped me get through it was (1) To realize my body and soul both need food. (2) To accept that healing takes time, and I would still have symptoms as I healed. That didn’t mean I wasn’t healing. I needed to stop second-guessing every meal and questioning every pain. Instead, I took the long view, choosing a diet that made sense to me, trusting it, and looking for slow, steady improvements. (3) Choosing a diet that’s sustainable, which means not trying to do too many plans at once. That’s when life gets too restricted, and there’s no food left to eat.

      With that in mind, I think doing SCD + Low-FODMAP + Candida is too much. Pick one of these plans instead, and give it 3-6 months to work, before considering another. If you already did SCD that long, and it didn’t make a difference, go ahead and drop its restrictions for now, and choose either Low-FODMAP or the Candida diet for your next 3-6 months. And if you need more personalized guidance, check out this list of websites with directories to nutritional healing professionals. They’re the experts, and your multiple diagnoses make you a complex case, where getting personalized guidance might be the best choice.

  7. what do you think about hemp? I’m considering adding organic hemp protein to my diet, however, while it IS a seed (which atleast GAP and Paleo consider ok) it is also techniquely a grass derived grain. Correct?

    Anyway, what do you recommend?

    • Hi Max. Is there a reason you feel you need more protein in your diet? Generally speaking, as long as you eat meat, eggs and/or seafood daily, your protein needs are met, and extra protein supplementation isn’t necessary. Protein powders are a processed food and in general, aren’t recommended on a healing diet (with rare exceptions). This is a good article, if you’d like to read more: http://paleodietlifestyle.com/protein-powder-paleo/

      • well i’m thinking of going paleo, however I can’t afford alot of organic meat, and am allergic to eggs, so I was thinking hemp protein shake (literally organic ground up hemp seeds after they’ve been cold pressed) as a protein substitute. Was just wondering if you think that would fall into the grains category, and do more harm than good?
        ps thanks for the reply

  8. I have started the AIP diet two weeks ago. I knwo I have some autoimmune disease. Still in middelt of diagnosing. MS/Fibro etc. I havent noticed to much change yet. I still have muscle pain twtiching etc. I know it will be a life change and I am ready. I was wondering how long it took to notice considerable changes?? Thank you for your time:)

    • Hi Cynthia. It varies from person to person, but you should notice some improvement within 3 months (if not sooner).

      • Thank you for your reply. I am sticking to it. I also wonder should I continue on the autoimmune paleo for three months. And reintroduce foods later? It took me a little time to get rid of coffee.

        • Wait to do reintroductions until you see some improvement in your symptoms. Some people start reintroductions at 30 days, some at 3 months, and some even wait a year. Do what feels right for you.

  9. Hi, I am new to your website and I was wondering if you could help me decide which diet would be good for me. I have fibromyalgia since 30 years and for the last 2 years I have Blastocytis Hominis parasites. With my functional doctor we did all kinds of natural remedies and I have now double the parasites. She said that we have been working for a long time with the guts now lets try the brain-gut way. So she gave me a Mito Food Plan and your website. I find it a bit confusing because I do not know which of your diet to follow.
    I would really appreciate some help if you can.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Diane. I recommending asking your practitioner for clarification on the diet she is prescribing. Wishing you wellness!

  10. Hello my sister in law is Nurse and she sent me your website. I am thankful because I just about tried everythig as far as Western medicine and I am frightened of the side effects. I have fibromyalgia, chronic pain, mood swings, depression and anxiety plus I gofget to breath. Please guide me as to what books and diet you recommend for me I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.

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