The Paleo AIP Reintroduction Guide

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The Paleo AIP Reintroduction Guide | Phoenix Helix

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” ~ Lao Tzu

The Paleo AIP Reintroduction Guide | Phoenix Helix
How I Spent My Winter

I’m not someone who talks about projects I’m working on, because I’m superstitious that I’ll spend all my time talking and never actually get the job done. So, this winter, I’ve been quietly writing a resource I believe the autoimmune paleo community really needs: a detailed guide to reintroducing foods on the paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP). Why? The AIP is a powerful tool for healing, and there are two important phases: (1) eliminating potential food triggers temporarily, and (2) reintroducing them very carefully, to see how your body responds. It’s this second phase where we learn to communicate with our bodies, receiving clear messages on the foods that nourish us vs. the foods that harm us. This is very unique to each individual, and an empowering step in personalizing your diet to optimize healing. There’s a catch though: you have to do both phases correctly, in order for it to work.

Truth talk: the AIP is hard to do. A lot of people white-knuckle their way through the elimination period and then rush the reintroductions, because they miss these foods so much. Unfortunately, this muddies the experiment. If you get an inflammatory response, you won’t know which food caused it, putting you back at square one. The reintroduction process is scientific self-experimentation at its finest, and you want to do it right, because you don’t want to have to repeat the elimination step.

So, that’s why I wrote this 43-page guide. I’m known in the AIP community for very careful reintroductions. You can read my experience here. I want to help other people (you!) do the same, because once you master this skill, you have it for life.

What’s in the Guide?

  • An overview of the AIP
  • How to decide when you’re ready for reintroductions.
  • Two protocols to help you choose which foods to reintroduce first.
  • Clear instructions on how to reintroduce a food and monitor for a reaction.
  • Examples of what a food intolerance reaction feels like, from acute responses, to minor ones that build up after repeated exposure.
  • Directions on keeping a symptom journal.
  • Keys to self-care during the process.
  • Mistakes to avoid.
  • A sample reintroduction experience, to give you a clear idea of how it all works.
  • 23 recipes for the reintroductions themselves, everything from homemade ghee to slow roasted tomatoes.
  • Further resources for autoimmune healing.
  • The guide is aligned with The Paleo Approach by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne.
  • The e-book is formatted on 8-1/2×11 paper, so it’s easy for you to print at home, if you prefer a paper copy.

What Others Are Saying

“Eileen’s approach is gentle yet comprehensive, leading readers on how to be best equipped to embark on a process that takes a lot of intuition and care to do properly….What I love about Eileen’s book, is that she shares recipes that include the staged reintroduction foods, but one at a time! For instance, one of the first foods people can reintroduce is egg yolks, so she includes a recipe for hollandaise (including a link to a video of how to properly separate the yolks and whites–how cool is that!).”
~ Mickey Trescott, Autoimmune-Paleo

“The AIP reintroduction protocol can be tricky, as there are so many foods to evaluate, and reintroducing them one at a time can be difficult. Until now, there hasn’t been a book devoted just to this part of the protocol. After reading Eileen Laird’s e-book, we realized this was the piece so many of you were missing.”
~ Melissa Hartwig, Whole 30

“Science is awesome, but for me to really get into something, I need some ‘data with soul.’  Eileen shares her own healing story with us & includes a sample reintro journal.  Had I read something like that at the start of my reintroduction attempts I would have been so much less confused about what my own process might involve.  I’d have had the hope of healing from Eileen’s own story and, most importantly, I would have understood how much time I need to invest.”
~ Angie Alt, previously of Alt-Ternative Autoimmune, now co-author of Autoimmune Paleo

“I tried a couple of reintroductions a month ago and it didn’t work, even though I thought I was being careful. I’m reading your book and I see what I did wrong. Your diary of introductions really hit home. Thank you for putting this ebook together, it’s already taught me a lot.”
~ Meredith, blog reader

Paleo AIP Reintroduction Guide | Phoenix HelixUpdate ~ the Giveaway has Ended

To celebrate the publication of this guide, I hosted a giveaway 0n 5/24/14, and the winner was chosen with a random number generator: Carrie Kniprath. I hosted a second giveaway on 9/25/15, using Rafflecopter to randomly pick the winner: Molly Howze. Thanks to everyone for playing! If you didn’t win, don’t despair. I intentionally set the price of the book low, so that it’s affordable to everyone. Best wishes to all of you on your reintroduction journeys.

Paleo AIP Reintroduction Guide | Phoenix Helix
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188 thoughts on “The Paleo AIP Reintroduction Guide

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  2. Eileen – fantastic news! And so great that you focused on reintroductions as it can be quite a daunting area. I’ve shared on the blog’s AIP Facebook page too – and congratulations!

    • I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to find you as a resource – I have become acutely aware of health issues creeping up these last few years – but these last few months confirmed I have an auto-immune disease. As a person who refuses to do Western Medicine and pharmaceutical drugs, I have been on a mission to reverse this condition naturally and holistically – just had a hard time finding the resources. I knew that first and foremost I’d have to find a diet I could live with that would assist me on this journey – it’s like my prayers have been answered as I have come across so much information on recipes and protocols I didn’t know even existed – thank you for your blog site and putting this information out there. I have no reservations whatsoever that by this time next year I will have reversed this condition (I know they say once you have it you always will – I am an energy healer that believes energy supercedes biology and through the energy of this diet I can and will reverse this within me. (that and insuring I do the “inner emotional work”) Blessings and thank you.

      • Welcome, Susann. I remember feeling the same gratitude, when I learned about dietary healing. I’m so glad you found our community. It’s empowering to be surrounded by so many others walking the same path.

  3. I am already subscribed to your blog.
    I’m looking forward to this information. I’m still in the elimination phase, so reintroducing is something I’d like as much info on as possible!

  4. I’m a subscriber too

    I jumped into AIP without thinking it through too much and was glad I did (the friend who had introduced the idea to me is still hemming and hawing about eliminating everything). I thought “I can do anything for 30 days” – but I hadn’t thought through the reintroductions at all – it adds several months on to the basic elimination, even if you do just the minimal 30 days like I did (I don’t have a real AI condition to get into remission).

    I’m almost one month into reintroductions, and was sort of thrilled to find one food (sesame seed, in the form of tahini) that I didn’t tolerate – which was kind of fun to see that I could see the difference in things that my body doesn’t want, since I had a few reintros before that which went fine and made me start to wonder why I was bothering with being so careful.

    I’ll re-challenge sesame at some point (oil and seeds, because if I never have tahini again in my life it’s no big deal).

    Your ebook will be a good resource for people for sure – I was surprised how little good info on reintroduction was out there.

  5. I’d love a free copy of the book. I’m still in beginning stages of AIP and hoping for healing and remission of my autoimmune conditions. Although I cant even think about reintroduction of foods at this time, I know that your book will be helpful for me now.

  6. I am a current subscriber. Thanks for the chance to win! I think your book will have some much needed info, and will be back to purchase if I don’t win!

  7. I am also a subscriber already… but I “liked” you on Facebook. This is great timing for me as I start the reintroduction phase soon

  8. I subscribed! If I had Fb I would do both! I’m starting the aip protocol tomorrow and I am a little (a lot) scared! I am hoping to stick to eat! It’s going to be hard because I don’t like cooking every meal of the day or every day of the week! I am determined! This book would be great!!’

    • Good luck Casey. My advice regarding the cooking, double your meals so you can eat leftovers instead of having to cook again the next night. It will save you heaps of time and won’t feel as daunting. I do this and it’s great when I’m too exhausted to cook I just pull a meal out of the freezer. Best of luck to you!

  9. I am 3 months into elimination diet, just the email from you this morning has reminded me not to get to rash in adding back. I wanted to add back in coconut milk popsicles BUT your reminded me to be careful there are a few ingredients I haven’t tried alone yet 🙂
    Thanks always for great emails , looking forward to your book!!!

  10. I am already a subscriber and I also follow on FB. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to do this and failed because of the reasons you mentioned. A simple guide would be wonderful. Thanks for putting this together.

  11. Sounds great! I am already a subscriber and would love a copy. Thanks for a chance =) and of course… all the work you do in the AIP community.


  12. I’m already a fan on Facebook!

    I would love a copy of this e-book. I did exactly what you had mentioned and rushed reintroductions at the 30-day mark because I felt so deprived. I did find out some of what caused reactions, but I ended up abandoning the whole process because of how frustrated I became. I would love to try the AIP again and reintroduce things properly this time.

  13. I like you on Facebook. I love that you’ve written this ebook. With your meticulous approach to reintroductions, I’m looking forward to checking out what you’ve written. Thanks for sharing your expertise! 🙂

  14. Congratulations! I have been blessed by all the help I have gotten from your posts! I enjoy the round table too. This looks like a great resource that will benefit many. Thank you for writing it!

  15. Exciting news that you’ve developed a book! I have only just recently discovered Paleo (I originally thought it was just another fad diet so dismissed it.) Now to start finding information on AIP is so exciting! I have four autoimmune diseases and the thought that this way of life could help improve my everyday functioning is exciting. I haven’t known where to start so I’ve been reading as much as I can and have transitioned to Paleo first. Subscribed to your email as I was already a FB fan. Thanks so much for all your work, people like you bring hope and support to so many others 🙂

    • Hi Olivia. I did regular paleo first, before doing AIP, and it helped me to take it in stages like that. Some people are even lucky enough to go into remission on regular paleo (lucky ducks!) You’ve probably already seen these, but here are two series of articles I recommend: Autoimmune Protocol Series (for information) and Success Stories (for inspiration)

      • Hi Eileen
        Thanks for reading and responding to my comment, and thank you also for pointing me in the direction of your additional resources! Much appreciated 🙂

  16. Oh I would honestly LOVE a copy of your new ebook. I hope I win! I already subscribe to your wonderful blog! Thanks!

  17. I’ve been a fan on facebook for a while and I subscribed to your blog. I wish I would have found you a year and a half ago when I ventured into AIP without a lot of guidance.

    I recommend your work to a lot of people dealing with health issues.

  18. Congratulations! I’m sure it’d be a great resource for many of us struggling with reintroductions!
    I’m already subscribed.

  19. Hi Eileen, this is fantastic news! I’m a follower on Facebook and have been enjoying your posts and great advise since starting on AIP last November. I regularly share your posts in my own Fb group and on my blog (in Dutch). Keep up the good work! Love, Catharina Delmarcel

  20. I’ve officially “liked” your facebook page. Actually, I’ve liked your facebook page for a long time. It’s one that I check almost daily to see what new information you have to share with us. I’ve been doing AIP for 9 weeks, and am just starting to reintroduce foods, with mixed results. A little more guidance would always be welcome.

  21. Ive been a subscriber for some time and have followed closely what you suggest. I had Cdiff for 5 months followed by a recurrence of Leucocytic Colitis. Since I am 74 and have CHF, this took a serious toll on my body.
    I was doing so well and started adding foods back but without a plan….am now in a serious flare with cramps & big D…. Obviously in need of your book, so will join the contest. I did write you on FB expressing my gratitude for all you have done to bring help to those of us with Autoimmune Problems. I think this is a timely & much-needed resource!

  22. Hi There! I subscribe to your blog and I’m just in the middle of reintroductions! It’d be great to have your book to know if I’m doing it wrong! HA!

  23. I liked your page on Facebook. This sounds like an awesome e-book. I can’t wait to see it. I really want to do AIP correct, so the more information and recipes the better. Thanks.

  24. I would really love to have your book. I have been on the AIP since the first of the year and am feeling much better. Without all the foods that are inflammatory for my body, I am better able to tell what is working for me and what isn’t. I have tried to reintroduce foods, but it isn’t working very well. I have leaky gut and that creates a real challenge. Vegetables are a real problem because many are so high in potassium. Potassium stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, and I am already extremely parasympathetic dominant. Too many vegetables, and I walk around like a zombie. Maybe your book can give me some good ideas that will help me.

    Anyway, I enjoy your emails and blog. Thanks for all the work you do for AIP.

  25. I have already liked your Facebook page and subscribed to your blog updates. Thank you so much for this ebook!! I know it will help me tremendously in my healing journey. Either way I am a winner cause if I do not win a copy I will save up to purchase it. I have not worked since 2006 because of illness so our income is very small. When you know something will help you you make sacrifices. Thank you again for spending the time to write this for all of us.

  26. I’ve just subscribed to your blog. I’m on your webiste alot and I follow you on facebook. I thought I had already subscribed! I’ve been on AIP for almost 4 months trying to heal from an RA diagnosis last October. I’m a little nervous to start a reintroduction. Eating the wrong thing hurts! Thank you for all the info you provide. The recipe roundtables are awesome!

  27. Hello! I just subscribed to your blog and liked your facebook page! I am just getting started with Paleo and Paleo AIP. I look forward to reading your blog and your e-book.

  28. I liked you on Facebook. I am on week 6 of AIP. I have not started reintroductions yet but I’m feeling great. I have RA and have had less pain, more energy and my face (hives) have cleared up.

  29. Your new e-book release is so exciting! I have been following your advice & pages for months and have learned tons. One area where I felt like I could use more guidance is in the re-introduction phase so thank you, thank you, thank you! I subscribe to your emails & like your FB page. I often share both with friends, especially in FB groups.

  30. I also Pin a lot of articles & recipes (weekly round table, etc) to Pinterest. I just pinned your e-book announcement & link. I think your information & passion have helped so many people (ie. me) & hope to help you reach others!

  31. Thanks Eileen – this is a signpost in the wilderness!
    Six months total AIP – Tick
    Six months slow re-introduction – Totally botched
    I wasn’t tuned in enough and now hit by a cumulative reaction
    I feel like a brick again.
    I delayed restarting the full AIP due to a family wedding this Saturday
    What a mistake …
    I would never have thought I would be saying that : P

    Getting free copy would be fun but for only $10 ….
    A guide to awareness during re-introduction would an absolute gift.
    THANK YOU for sharing.
    I am really excited about getting back on the full AIP again
    Now I can enjoy the promise of a long term solution!

    With thanks from Australia

  32. Just ‘liked’ your page. I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, and while I eat meat now I was a veggie for 10 years. Moving to a grain free, meat full diet is really overwhelming for me, and I look forward to finding ways to support myself and my family (I have a 3.5 year old son). Blessings.

  33. Thank you for this…I just “liked” this on Facebook. I am still in the elimination phase, but very much looking forward to reintroductions!

  34. This is wonderful! What perfect timing, too as I am finally nearing reintroduction phase. I am a longtime Facebook fan of yours. Congratulations on your first e-book!

  35. I already have you “liked” on Facebook. Your ebook would be a wonderful resource to have for the next time I attempt the full AIP eliminations and reintroductions. I look forward to the clearly identifying any additional food sensitivities I may have 🙂

  36. I just subscribed. I’ve been reading The Paleo Approach and have attempted to reintroduce twice with some misfires, so a little overwhelmed by my reaction.. it may just be too soon. I’d love to have a copy of your book to help on my journey.

  37. Hi, Eileen,

    I already “like” you on FB and am now a subscriber, too.

    After over half a year on primal/paleo, which already gave me my first hope of healing in decades, I started on AIP a few months ago. After about 2.5 months, I was able to reintroduce eggs and nuts – yay.

    However, about 3 weeks ago, I inadvertently “reintroduced” (unintentionally) a couple of foods when I ate at the house of some friends. Wow – did I have a reaction: inflammation ( particularly in my hands), headache, queasiness to the point of thinking maybe I was coming down with the stomach flu, exhaustion, etc.

    I’d love to have your book so I can be a bit more deliberate and smart about this whole reintroduction enterprise. 🙂 Thanks for writing it!

  38. I signed up for e-mails. I’m a month into AIP as I’m trying to heal a leaky gut. I’m interested in learning about how to reintroduce foods systematically. I’ll definitely be reading this e-book.

  39. I was recently diagnosed celiac, with allergies to corn, rice, dairy, black pepper, and salicylates (main ingredient in aspirin and in varying levels in all plant foods). I also have trouble digesting fructose. I’ve been following mostly Paleo for several months now, but need to heal myself completely using the Autoimmune Protocol/elimination diet. I suspect I will follow the AIP for a long time, and will most certainly have to introduce foods carefully and slowly. If I don’t win this book, I’m going to purchase it anyway. I truly just want to enjoy food again. 🙂 Oh, and I subscribed!

  40. Wow, I’m so excited about this! I’m 2 months AIP now & trying to wrap my head around reintroductions, so this is absolute perfect timing. I’ve already liked your fb page & just subscribed to your blog. Thank you for all you do!

  41. I’ve subscribed. :). I always follow you on Facebook. Great site. Congrats on the book. I’m exactly at the ” I’m feeling so well, I’m too scared to try reintroductions” phase.

  42. I’m subscribed to both. For me this comes at the right time. I’m suppose to be reintroducing foods right now, but I’m just plain afraid to!

  43. I was already a FB fan, and just subscribed. I’ve been on AIP for a month, and would love extra guidance on reintroductions.

  44. HI, I subscribed to your blog. I would have liked you on facebook, but I had done that a long time ago. Thank you for all that you have posted. It has helped me a lot. I still have a long way to go and will probably buy your e-book if I don’t win. It sound amazing and full of answers to the questions that I have.

  45. I have done the 30 day AIP and rushed into the reintroductions. I should have waited longer on the protocol, and not introduced back willy nilly : ) Would love to win your book to do it RIGHT! *fingers crossed*

  46. Hi Eileen – I can’t tell you how timely this is! (Check out tomorrow’s post on my blog!) I have downloaded your e-book and suspect it will become my bible over the coming weeks. Many thanks!

  47. Liked your fb. So grateful for what you do!! I’ve been using your recipes and following you for some time. It’s helped me immensely. Currently flopping my reintroduction phase, so this book will be so helpful! 🙂

  48. Hello my friend. I am SOOOOOO proud of you and so excited. Thank you for creating this amazing resource! I just purchased and downloaded my own copy. I’ll opt out of the giveaway, but wanted to leave you a message and say Thank You! You’re amazing.

    Big Hugs,

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    • No. Subscribing enters you in the giveaway, though! I intentionally set the e-book at a permanently low price to keep it affordable to everyone, 365 days a year.

  50. I already subscribe and am a facebook fan. I love the AIP recipe roundup! Thanks for all you do. 😉

    • I’m glad you found me, too. Diagnosis is a scary time, but you’ll find a lot of support in this community.

  51. Looking forward to starting this, can’t stand the pain much longer. I have questions. I want to do it right.

  52. And we have a winner! Congratulations to Carrie Kniprath. Carrie, I just sent you an email, with the e-book attached. Enjoy! And thanks to everyone for entering.

  53. hi Eileen, I’m trying to buy your e-book but PayPal keeps saying “you’ve already signed up with this information”– in essence, it looks like it’s trying to force me to sign up for their in house credit card. Do you have any alternative way of purchasing?? Thanks so much, I’m eager to read your book!

    • Hi Nancy. Right now, paypal is the only payment option. When you purchase the ebook and it takes you to paypal’s payment page, don’t login. Instead, click the link below the login button that says “pay with debit or credit card” and follow the instructions from there. Please let me know if you still have trouble.

  54. Does the book include recipes to use for before re-introducing the foods? cos i dont know what to eat during that time!

    • No, this guide is for reintroductions only. For information on the autoimmune protocol itself, read this article for an overview on what you can and can’t eat. Then, check out the weekly AIP Recipe Roundtables for recipe ideas. If you would like a cookbook to guide you, the Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook includes grocery lists and meal plans, and makes following the protocol much easier. You can buy it in e-book form or hardcover. You can do this, Bernadette! Lastly, if you’re on Facebook, join a support group of others following the AIP.

  55. Today I am at 4 weeks on aip, and I was just thinking that I needed a plan for reintroductions. A few minutes later I came across your new book!! Love synchronicities:)

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  61. Hi Eileen. I bought your book yesterday (thank you, thank you, thank you). I was just wondering if you would consider having it in different formats. The pdf makes it a fixed font size and I’m finding the print a bit small on my tablet. I might try converting it in Calibre to see if I can fix the issue for myself but I thought it might be worth mentioning to you. I have vision issues so larger print helps me. And thanks again for being a wonderful advocate. You are a bit of a beacon of hope for me.

    • Hi Di. You can increase the font size in PDF readers. There’s usually a +/- button in the top menu. Just click + until it’s a size you can comfortably read. I just tested this myself to be sure it works. It may be located in a different place on your tablet reader, but they should all have the zoom capability. And thanks for your kind words!

      • Nope, didn’t work. I’m using Bluefire Reader on an ipad and I can change the size of epubs no probs but not this pdf. I did manage to change it into an epub – it seems to have worked but I don’t think it’s as pretty as the pdf. But I can change the size of the text to as large as I’d like so that’s a bit of a win. 🙂 Thanks again.

  62. Hi Eileen. I’ve read your book. Thank you so much. It’s great to have a definite guideline to follow and I have it all ready to go through my reintroductions. I’ve been on AIP for a few months now. I started with egg yolks almost two weeks ago and it didn’t go well. Sigh! I’m kind of scared to move onto the next thing. I’m keen on trying pepper. How do you do reintroductions with seed spices? I don’t want to sprinkle it over my whole meal in case I have a reaction to it and then I have to throw away my food. So, I’m considering putting it just on my helping but then how much do I eat of the food? I can’t exactly eat a whole spoon of pepper. I’m not sure how to go about this but I’m really keen to move onto other food reintroductions. Do I have to try out each seed spice separately? Can I just try general seed spices? Also, do you have to feel perfectly healed before you start reintroductions. I don’t feel 100%. I’m better but I know I have a way to go.

    • I’m sorry about the egg yolks – it’s always sad when a reintroduction fails. When it comes to spices, it’s up to you whether to reintroduce them together or separately. It takes more patience to reintroduce them separately, but it lets you gauge your reaction to each one. However, since most people tolerate seed-based spices well, it’s common to reintroduce them together and only separate them if that doesn’t go well. You get to decide which path you’d like to take. As for how to reintroduce, I recommend making a smaller recipe that incorporates the spice (or spices) and then follow the reintroduction process outlined in the guide. You’ll eat the food with the spices (not the spices by themselves).

      To answer your last question, each person needs to decide when they’re ready for reintroductions. You’ll want to have seen enough improvement in your condition that you have a baseline to test for a reaction during the reintroduction process. You don’t need to have achieved perfect health, since that’s a holy grail that not everyone achieves. However, some people choose to wait longer than others. There’s no right or wrong here – follow your own intuition. The only rule is that you need to wait at least 30 days (which you have already done).

  63. I was wondering if you can explain why stevia is on the permanently avoid list. I had heard it was the one safe and natural sweetener and used for hundreds of years (besides honey).

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  65. I just purchased your book, and I’m so excited. I am currently doing an elimination diet to try to relieve celiac and other autoimmune symptoms. Although I am not exactly following the Paleo Approach (I am following the book Digestive Health with REAL Food and am not sure I want to be completely paleo – although I still really want to read the book Paleo Approach!), I want to be very methodical and smart about reintroducing foods. So thank you very much for this. 🙂

    • Hi Kara. That’s a great book, too, and the reintroduction steps I outline can definitely be applied to any elimination diet. Good luck with your reintros!

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  68. Hi Eileen, I may have an autoimmune ear disease which is very quickly taking my hearing (I’m profoundly deaf after just 3 months). Doctors don’t know what it causing it but suspect autoimmune. Since I don’t have any pain or physical joint issues, could you advise how I might judge the effect of a reintroduction of a substance back to my diet? How will I be able to tell?
    (oh the nuts are going to be a toughy as they are such a good healthy snack)

    • Hi Candice. The goal of the AIP is to reduce your autoimmune symptoms – whatever they may be. So, for you, that would be either improving your hearing or stopping its loss. If you see positive results, that would be your baseline for reintroductions. Then, if a food reintroduction affects your hearing, you would know to avoid that food. Does that make sense?

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  70. I’ve just transitioned off of the GAPS healing diet and embarked on my Paleo AIP journey. I’ve had great success but am a little confused about adding foods back in. I’d love to purchase your reintroduction ebook, but I don’t use PayPal. Is there another source I can purchase it from that accepts credit cards?

    • Hi Karen. You don’t have to be a Paypal member. You can proceed as a guest and simply use your credit card. They are the only processor for the book at this point.

  71. Sure hoping to win! I’ve been AIP for 5 months with little to no progress. In trying now to cut back fruits even more but am also losing weight, and it is getting to the dangerous level.

    • Hi Cindy. A good way to increase calories and prevent weight loss is to increase the amount of healthy fats you eat. Use more in your cooking, and top your meals with extra fat as well. Avocados are also a wonderful snack or side dish. They are very nutritious and high-calorie.

  72. I have a pretty severe case of Juvenile RA and currently take meds for it. I am 9 days into the AIP elimination but I have not stopped taking meds for fear of a flare up. What to do??

    • Hi Rebecca. I’m glad you found this, too! Reintroductions are tricky, but once you’re on the other side, it’s so empowering to learn how to communicate with your body.

  73. hi, eileen, can u help me pls. i really need this book. i have been diagnosed with RA since 2009. my hands are deformed now. im desperate.

  74. I have been following AIP for a month now, and am just starting to also follow a low FODMAP diet. (I also have to avoid all raw foods, poultry and seafood at present.) Will I be able to use your book as a reintroduction guide for both? If not, do you know of any other resources for this? I am a complete foodie, and very dedicated to all of this, but am starting to feel pretty worn out and tired. Thanks!

    • Hi Jenny. FODMAPs are reintroduced differently. They’re actually a little easier, because they don’t have delayed responses. You’ll notice within 24 hours if you have any digestive distress. So, use this guide for your AIP reintroductions. And then read the following article to learn about FODMAP reintros: . It’s answered in one of the interview questions, and the article also includes information about a meal plan that combines the AIP + Low-FODMAP, which might be helpful to you right now.

  75. I just read your reintro guide and it was very interesting. I know I will refer to it over and over once I start my own reintroductions slowly. I’m going to start with smaller foods and work up to the dairy related stuff. The first three I would like to reintroduce (because I miss them so much) are bananas, avocado, and garlic. Can you recommend any easy peasy recipes using garlic, and maybe a banana related recipe? Thanks Eileen!

    • Hi Melissa. My kale with cranberries is an easy recipe that uses garlic, and it’s one of my favorites. As for banana – eating one straight-up would be the easiest reintroduction, but if you want to do something fancier, this dessert from Eat Heal Thrive is getting rave reviews. For anyone else reading this comment, all of these foods are allowed on the AIP, so don’t start worrying! Melissa has some extra restrictions and the recommendation is to reintroduce those before reintroducing the foods that are eliminated on the AIP.

      • Your kale cranberry recipe looks delicious! I was thinking the same thing about bananas, (eating them straight up, then if that goes well, adding them to my morning smoothie). The banana recipe you linked to looks amazing! If the reintro goes well, I might make that as a celebratory dessert 🙂
        Yes, these added food restrictions along with following AIP has been challenging to say the least, but I have noticed that if I eat something my body doesn’t like, it tends to react fairly quickly (usually same day or the morning after).

  76. Hi Eileen,
    What’s your opinion on a food sensitivity test instead of re-introducing foods why not just stay away from the foods you’re sensitive to ? My natural pathic doctor said that I will go into remission if I stay away from the foods that I’m sensitive to . It’s an IgG and IgA. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and I’m waiting for the blood test to come back.

    • Hi Marcia. Unfortunately, food intolerance testing is notoriously inaccurate – filled with both false positives and false negatives. That’s why an elimination/provocation protocol like the AIP is considered the gold standard. You can read more about this here: . As for your naturopath’s statement, I’m going to blunt here – anyone who promises their patients remission isn’t being honest. Autoimmune disease is complex, results vary widely, and healing usually requires many factors being addressed, not just food. I’m sorry – we would all like an easy fix, and food is a big part of healing, but those types of false promises don’t help anyone.

  77. i have problems with emf, as well as autoimmune, and so do not do a lot of computer time and no wifi. i don’t do facebook or any other platforms. how may i find out what you have to say. in addition is there some way to get your book in a printed format. thank you

  78. Thank you for putting together such a thorough and comprehensive guide. I have a question that I hope you can answer. I am unable to eat more than 15 grams of fiber per day due to diverticular disease. This severely limits what I am able to eat on AIP and so I am very much wanting to start adding in things that I can eat. There are some items in the three stages I will never be able to eat due to fiber restrictions, so I am wondering it it would be okay to try to add in 2 items from the Stage 1 (one at a time, of course), not spend time with the spices (they can wait), and then jump ahead to 2 items on Stase 2, 1 item in Stage 3, and then go back and the least important to me items in the other stages? I would follow the reintroduction protocol of tiny bites, 72-hour waiting period, etc. with each single item.

    I would like to do things in this order: egg yolks, grass fed-ghee, egg whites, grass-fed butter, fermented dairy. Once I determine whether these work, I would then go back and test the other less important items, starting with those in phase 1 and work my way up.

    I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. And thanks again!

    • Hi Shane. I write in the guide that the stages are just suggestions. You don’t need to hold yourself to them. I even offer a totally different way to do reintroductions on page 7. So, your plan sounds absolutely fine.

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  81. Hi Eileen- I just wanted to figure out how to download the Reintroduction book. I paid for it through Paypal on August 14th and I haven’t gotten a link, so I wasn’t sure how it should work. By the way, I love your site and the Simple AIP book. They have been tremendous blessing for me!

    • Hi Anna. I just checked and there’s no sale listed by your name or email address. My guess is that you didn’t hit the final confirmation button to complete the purchase by paypal. I do that myself all the time! If, however, you have a paypal receipt or you purchased the book under another name, just forward me your receipt, and I’ll send you the ebook directly. My email address is listed at the bottom of my contact page.

  82. Hi there!

    I’ve come across your fab site tonight and I’m considering buying your re-introduction book. I suffer from food intolerances and histamine issues. Does the book consider re-introduction for both types of intolerances? Thanks!

    • Hi Mary. This book is specifically for the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. You can follow the steps in the book to test any foods after an elimination diet, but histamine issues are very different – there’s usually a root cause such as small intestine bacterial overgrowth or hormone imbalances that are causing the histamine issues. It’s important to find the root cause so that you can heal it and tolerate more histamine in the future. I recommend listening to my podcast on histamine tolerance for some troubleshooting ideas. Wishing you wellness in every way!

  83. Eileen,

    I recently found your website… Wow!!!!!!! What a blessing! Thank you so much for all the helpful informacion. You are a truly inspiration to me!
    I was recently diagnosed with an autoinume disease, sadly my endocrinologist doesnt believe diet is going to make any difference.
    I also feel he is not interested in helping me, but waiting for me to get worst so
    I can start taking medications 🙁
    I wanted to take control of my health so I began researching for something natural to help my disease. I learned about AIP and stated doing the diet ( 15 days now) I have been avoiding 99% of all the foods for the AIP, but I believe
    I am making mistake #2 ignoring nutritional density ( your youtube video was very helpful) I feel somewhat better, but I think I am not eating enough and still have brain fog, memory problems and feel tired ( I dont have much energy when I wake up in the mornings even though I go to bed early)
    I want to do the AIP … I just I dont how what to eat in each meal and how much.. Can you please so kind to guide me…
    What resources can I use to give me an idea how to prepare meals, snacks
    and be confident I am eating enough throughout the day. I believe I am in the rigth path I just need a little bit of help 🙂

    Thank you sooo much!!

    PS: I recently started listing to your podcast.. Wow…Is Soooooo Terrific!!
    You and your guests are fantastic!!! Thank you for posting notes for each episode.
    They are sooo helpful. I found myself going from one episode to another 🙂
    LOVE IT.. Thank you for all you do!!!

    • Hi Ana. Welcome to the AIP community! A great starting place is the meal plan: 28 Days of AIP. It includes recipes and focuses on nutrient-density. If you want more personalized attention, Amy Kubal is a nutritionist for The Paleo Mom Consulting, and she’s excellent working with people 1:1. Wishing you wellness on every level!

  84. Hello, I purchased this guide a few days back and asked in the comments section to have the book sent to an alternative email address as I don’t have access to my PayPal address that I purchased through. Are you able to help me out with this? Thanks

  85. After reading your book , I am still left with a question about re-introducing foods. When I did some IgG testing, I reacted in the high range to egg whites and egg yolks in the moderate range. Also high were milk, cheese-basically all dairy. Do I try to re-introduce it knowing this?

    • Hi Cathy. Honestly, I recommend ignoring your IgG results. I realize you spent money on that test, so it will be disappointing to hear – but they are known for both false positives and false negatives. For that reason, an elimination diet is considered the gold standard to determining food intolerances. When you go through your reintroductions, your body will tell you which of your test results are accurate and which aren’t. Try not to let fear affect your body’s responses. For more information, read the article: Why Food Intolerance Testing Doesn’t Work. Best wishes with your reintros!

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