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  1. Thank you so much Eileen, I love your podcast and very much appreciate the show notes. I have UC and have found so much comfort and renewed energy through listening to your show. The science is fascinating and empowering. The emotional discussions and words of encouragement often bring me to tears. Thank you for giving your time and energy to this 🙂

  2. Hi, I saw this post and wanted to share my experience with GERD and IBS. I had severe reflux and irritable bowel symptoms which culminated with rapid weight loss. Honestly, I just stumbled onto the solution through personal research. The most important part for me was to eliminate wheat and dairy from my diet, and I had very quick relief of all symptoms. (So that’s worth a try, right?) I followed that by years of gradually weeding out other foods that were a problem for me. And finally I stumbled onto the Auto-Immune Protocol diet and Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s book “The Paleo Approach”. Following the AIP diet I have no symptoms at all. I hope Berneda finds the same relief. Kind regards, M

  3. Christina Good Yazzie

    After emailing the podcast link to yet another patient I had to thank Eileen. This podcast had become #1 on my recommendation list. I am a integrative NP who works with many many patients with autoimmune disease (and of course live with a few myself). Your podcast and blog are absolutely wonderful! There is something for everyone from those who are trying to figure out what an auto immune disease is to practitioners who work with autoimmunity on a daily basis. You’re chart notes are the best! I can’t imagine the hours you put into each episode but I thank you from the bottom of my heart

  4. Wow. I am just blown away by this site and the podcast. I just graduated with my master’s degree in nutrition and integrative health, so I am excited to explore all that you have to offer. Thank you for sharing your successes and providing such a wonderful format for healing.

  5. Thanks, I’ll look up the Healing stories about Sjogrens on your web site.

    I do have that book about LDN but it is very scientific and hard to work through. I thought the speaker did a great job of explaining some of the “unknowns” about LDN in a very understandable way. Articulate guy.

    Will work my way through your materials. AT this point I have been following an auto-immune protocol but not doing the Detox that is recommended so that is my next learning experience.

    Thank you,

  6. I am just discovering your web site and podcasts. Have found them very helpful and informative. I am noticing that you don’t have much about Sjogrens. Curious as to why since some of the statistics say 4 million people have Sjogrens. Curious whether the Paleo program impacts saliva production, dry eye and some of the other auto-immune issues with Sjogrens.

    I will continue to catch up with listening to your podcasts. I love that you spend an hour with your guests so you can delve more deeply into issues. I particularly liked 39 about LDN. I am on that drug and your podcast really helped me to understand how it works and why I should be more diligent about my nutrition and do some kind of detox.

    I hope you will do more about LDN and how it works with the nutrition program.

    1. Hi Susan. I actually have a Sjogren’s success story on my blog, and it was also discussed in Podcast Episode 61: Healing Stories 4 (as part of Linda’s story). Just use the search bar at the top of my blog to find the posts and podcast related to the topics that interest you. if you’re on a mobile phone, you’ll find the search bar at the bottom of my home page. There’s a lot of information here! Because there is so much to learn related to autoimmune healing, I don’t tend to repeat topics, so I won’t be writing more about LDN. Thankfully, the LDN episode was very thorough, and if you’d like to learn more, definitely buy the LDN book. And if you’d like to learn more about healing diets in general, start with my Healing Diet Details page. Thanks so much for saying hello. Wishing you wellness in every way!

  7. Hi Eileen.
    Really enjoy your podcast. I’m going to be calling a few functional doctors this week. My diagnosis is not 100% sure. My dermatologist thought I had an autoimmune skin condition, but the biopsy came back as an allergy. She wants to repeat it, but not yet. Meanwhile, paleo, AIP, and low histamine have been helping a lot, but we I’ve lost too much weight and have reactions to all starch veggies and even olive oil and coconut oil. Have you heard of anyone like me?

    1. Hi Miriam. It sounds to me like you are experiencing systemic inflammation and it’s likely not about the food anymore. When this happens, it’s common to falsely identify foods as the triggers and remove too much from the diet which leads to weight loss and even poorer health. It’s good that you’re calling some functional medicine practitioners. It’s time to do some troubleshooting in other areas, and in the meantime, I recommend adding more foods back into your diet. Here are some resources that might help: (1) Are You Eating Enough Food to Heal Your Body?, (2) Five Ways to Reverse Autoimmunity That Have Nothing To Do With Food, and (3) The Psychology of Eating Podcast. Wishing you wellness!

  8. Hello Eileen, well, I am grateful a friend sent me your article . A recent RA diagnosis, maybe Fibromyalgia . I live on an Indian Rez and the Rhuematolgist appointments are hard to come by. But, I also recent started making small changes to my diet to assist with inflammation. My medical history is full of inflammation related disease. Cancer bouts, Heart attacks, etc. but, this all over crazy debilitating pain stressed six or 7 months ago. I’ve heard from a friend that you had started taken a RA med. and had wished you’d started with them sooner. I’ve always been resistant to meds, for the obvious reason but, I’m afraid this consistent on going pain has me surrendering to the idea.
    Anything you can share about why you started, if that is true?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Pamela. I have recently started meds after 4 years on a healing diet, but the timing was right for me. I have no regrets about delaying. That said, the time might be right for you now. Only you can make that choice. RA pain is a unique and excruciating thing; I wouldn’t wish it on anyone and you definitely deserve relief. The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is a healing diet that helped me get my pain and RA symptoms under control, but I never went into remission. However, I was 95% improved, which is no small thing! Then recently, my symptoms increased again and this time, my joints started to become damaged. So, I added medication in the hope that diet + medication will stop that damage. Here are the articles I wrote about both experiences. Sending gentle hugs your way. (1) My Experience with the AIP. (1) Starting Medication After 4 Years on the AIP.

  9. I am 65 years young! I have Hashimoto, Vitiligo and now they think I have RA. I am scared and I know I have a leaky gut. I know that a good diet works,but not sure where to start. I bought the Paleo Approach to healing autoimmune. I was so active and did crossfit until 2 years ago when my adrenal were affected and I couldn’t get up stairs, legs were so heavy, joints hurt and swollen. I was going g to compete I crossfit masters but that’s not going to happen. I golfed, bowled, etc but with joints hurting and swollen can’t do it. I have 10 grandchildren and want to keep up, and have a good quality of life my golden years. Any advice would sure be appreciated. Thank you, Carol

  10. I fell off track today till right after lunch and need encouragement to quickly get back on track I suffer from psoriasis hands elbows and under breasts. Inflammation and scaliness. Need encourage my to get back on track. I’m so upset with myself. I have sardines and avacado. Should I use this as my next meal being dinner or should I fast? I was going to go to the gym and get a long hard workout in at dinner time tonight. I’m so upset with myself for falling off track. Any encouragement?

    1. Hi Christie. Don’t beat yourself up. Every meal is new chance to start fresh. Fasting will never make up for eating inflammatory foods, and you don’t want to get in a pattern of bingeing and fasting. Definitely choose the meal, and make it as nutrient-filled as possible. And love yourself! That’s really the key to long-term change. Let all the guilt go, and just make the best choices you can, one day at a time. I’m just one person and not online all the time. The best support for this journey is engaging with the large groups in the community. If you’re on Facebook, check out The Paleo Approach Community, and if you’re not on Facebook, check out The Paleo Mom Community (it’s an independent website forum).

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