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Recipes for the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

The elimination phase of the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol can be pretty intimidating. A lot of your favorite foods are off the table, and you may feel like all food joy is gone. Let me reassure you that it’s not true! The AIP can be nutritious AND delicious.



Themed AIP Recipe Collections

Paleo AIP Books & Cookbooks

Click the image below for a roundup of all the books and cookbooks now available in the AIP community. Whatever your taste or cooking style, there’s a cookbook for you!

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  1. Eileen! Thank you *so much* for your support and advice, and your quick response. I am going to check out all of your recommendations!

  2. I would also add that I am under-employed right now, so buying meat, since I would only buy organic and humane raised meat, would be a big budget issue. Feeling very discouraged right now. Thank you!

  3. Dear Eileen: Thank you for all the information you have provided to people. I have learned so much from what I have read so far. However, I am freaking out. i find myself with joint and muscle pain that I believe is an immune reaction due to some other symptoms. i desperately want to try your recommendations, but I don’t know where to begin. Here’s why: (1) I have been a vegetarian–mostly vegan-for almost 40 years. (2) I have depression and just eat to survive, so I don’t enjoy anything about food, and am not able to motivate for cooking, recipes, planning or shopping for food. (3) Protein has never made me feel full. I am always hungry after protein heavy meals, and so I have a carb=heavy diet.

    The best I can generally do is make beans and rice, stir-fry, or granola, etc, I focus on things I don’t have to cook, like veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds, protein shakes. I know you are busy, but any advice would be much appreciated. I also realize I will have to eat meat for at least a period of time to determine if it will help my health issues, and the emotional aspects of that will be difficult. Thank you for any insight you can share.

    1. I totally understand why you feel overwhelmed. My recommendation would be to hire a nutrition coach to guide you through the process, especially because you’re dealing with multiple issues. The person I would recommend is Kinsey Jackson, who I interviewed on my podcast about her own transition from a vegetarian to the paleo diet. If that’s out of your price range, there’s an online group coaching class that helps you transition slowly from your current diet to the AIP, with guidance and resources offered along the way. It’s called SAD to AIP in SIX and has a great reputation. If you register by 3/15/18, you’ll save $50 with their early bird discount. (The class starts on 4/2/18.) Wishing you wellness in every way. You can do this!

  4. Eileen – Thank you!! Thank You!! for all of your absolutely wonderful recipes, books, videos, podcasts, etc!! You are definitely a Rock Star in my book!! After watching your “Batch Cooking” video – I decided to try to Liver Pate’ – WOW! Very Tastey and I want to eat it all the time. My question is: how many servings & what size are there in the recipe that yields 2 cups?

  5. Thanks SO much for these recipes. I found out in January that I have MS. For the past year or so we’ve been eating “reasonably” healthy and tried to buy organic were possible, but still had take aways, a lot of pastas, pizza and diary etc. I ordered The Wahls Protocol a while ago (took over a month to get here to us in South Africa, but was worth the wait) and have started buying natural toxin free cleaning products, shampoos, conditioner, roll on etc.
    I am SO glad I’ve decided to heal my body naturally and not take the medication. Only a couple of days into the diet (LIFESTYLE) but excited and motivated. People like you that share recipes and advise make the transition so much easier.

    1. Anel, perfect timing! I’m publishing a huge recipe roundup this weekend of Wahls vegetable recipes. Be on the lookout. 🙂

  6. Dear Eileen,
    I’ve just discovered the Wahls protocol and your website over the last few days. I am so grateful to you both and very excited to get started. Your website is fabulous — it’s chock full of well-written, well-researched solid information! On top of that, your kind, gentle, calm, and patient nature shines through on every page. I know I will have your site open every day; I have so much to read and learn!
    I found Dr. Wahls because I have M.S. Actually, I was diagnosed back in 1989, have done relatively well, and have managed to stay off medications. Now — based on a combination of advances in the drugs and disturbing changes in my MRI’s — I’m on the verge of starting. I’m really scared and upset about it, which led me to start looking for alternatives. Although I’m still planning to go ahead with the drug therapy, I also plan to implement the Wahl protocol. I’ll be relying on your website until I can order and receive her book (our library doesn’t have it yet). Now, here’s my question for you:
    My husband and I are empty-nesters. He is a vegetarian and has been since 1987, when he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I’ve been about 95% vegetarian too, as I’m comfortable with it and it makes life easier; grains and legumes and corn are major staples for us! If he can be convinced that this approach would be good for his health too, he says he would join me, but I haven’t yet come across anything that says the paleo-based diet makes sense for people with heart issues. I’m thinking it’s going to be a logistical nightmare for us to go our separate ways. Do you have any information about how this approach to eating impacts people with high blood pressure and heart conditions generally? Thank you so much in advance for any help you can offer, and thank you again for all that you are doing.
    Warm wishes,
    Susan Joanis
    Dundas, Ontario

    1. Hi Susan. Thanks so much for your kind words, and for sharing your story. The connection between meat-eating and heart disease is a myth. Heart disease (like all chronic disease) is caused by inflammation, and since the paleo diet is anti-inflammatory, it should benefit your husband as well. Terry talks about this is her book – how she doesn’t recommend vegetarianism for optimal health (she had been vegetarian herself for over a decade and gave it up in pursuit of her own healing). It’s worth buying her book, rather than waiting for it from your library. You’re going to want it as a reference if you plan to follow her protocol, and it will be the best $18 you’ve ever spent: . Wishing you both healing!

  7. Hello Eileen: I happened upon your website while researching Kombucha. Yours is the most inclusive, direct, no-nonsense articles that I’ve encountered. I was drawn into the website and thoroughly enjoyed it! What a gift. Thank you very much for a great source of information!
    All the Best,

    1. Hi Marg. I just realized that option already exists on all the recipes. Click the green Print Friendly button at the bottom of the recipe. This will bring up a separate screen. Click the PDF button in the upper left corner of that screen. That’s the download button.

  8. I have Hidrenitis Suprativis, which I break out with boils that are severe. I was told, it was an autoimmune disease. I recently purchased a juicer. have any healing juices you are familiar with

    1. Hi Kim. Both Dr. Wahls and Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride recommend juicing as a means of getting easily absorbed nutrients into the body. 1 glass in the morning, with the rest of your diet being nutrient-dense foods (not juices). They both recommend primarily vegetables, with just enough fruit to make it palatable. The more variety, the better in terms of nutrient diversity. Experiment and see what works best for you. Here’s a website with recipes:

    2. Hi Kim, just browsing through the website and saw your post. There is a recently published book on HS by Tara Grant called The Hidden Plague. Just thought it would be helpful to take a peek! Best ~j

      Note from Eileen (blog author): Here’s a link to that book:

  9. my husband has parkinson’s dementia and i am looking for good wholesome recipes, the soup sounds yummy

    1. Hi Sherry. My heart goes out to you and your husband. I will be posting more recipes, and next week, look for an article about the Wahls Vegetable Protocol. She’s the physician who reversed her muscular sclerosis through diet, and the vegetables are a key to her treatment plan. She said it has helped people with parkinsons as well. Thanks for saying hello.

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