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Episode 98: Gut Health with Dr. Michael Ruscio

How do we lay the foundation for a healthy gut, and therefore a healthy body? When diet alone isn’t enough, what’s the next step? Do you have to work with a healthcare practitioner, or are there things you can try at home? In this podcast, Dr. Michael Ruscio answers these questions and many more. He is a functional medicine clinician, educator and researcher, specializing in digestive and autoimmune health. He’s also the author of a new book: Healthy Gut Healthy You.

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Meet Eileen

Hi, and welcome! My name's Eileen Laird, and I live a vital and joyful life with rheumatoid arthritis. While there is no cure for autoimmune disease, the choices we make every day can have a powerful impact on how we feel. I believe in a holistic approach:

  • Diet – using food as medicine.
  • Lifestyle – health is about more than just food.
  • Mindset – harnessing its anti-inflammatory power.
  • Medication – when necessary.

We don't need to be victims to our diagnosis.

My Story

What is the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol?

The AIP is a diet and lifestyle program designed to reduce inflammation, heal digestion, deliver nutrition that supports health, and ultimately reverse autoimmune disease. There are four elements to the protocol:

  • the inflammatory foods we avoid
  • the nutrient-dense foods we eat
  • the reintroduction process where we personalize our diet
  • and the lifestyle choices that support rather than detract from our health.

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Healing Store

Here you’ll find lots of resources to support your healing journey:

  • Cookbooks and meal plans
  • Kitchen tools
  • AIP-friendly ingredients
  • Healthy convenience foods
  • Meditation resources
  • Sleep support
  • Non-toxic beauty
  • and more!

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