Hands of many different colors and ethnicities laid on top of each other representing unity and connection
Phoenix Helix Values

  • I believe our bodies are amazing and deserve our love, not our anger.
  • I believe the choices we make every day have a huge impact on how we feel. Nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset are powerful interventions for autoimmune health.
  • That said, if medication is needed to put you in remission, it’s a wonderful thing to live in a world where medicine is available. Never feel like a failure if you choose an integrative approach.
  • I also believe that we aren’t separate from the world around us, so the choices we make every day also impact others.
  • I believe everyone on this planet is deserving of dignity, love, joy, health, safety, and equal rights. That includes people of all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, religions, and nationalities.
  • I believe self-compassion and compassion for others go hand-in-hand, and they are both skills worth nurturing.
  • I believe community health, public health, and personal health are intertwined, and my mission is to help us all live our healthiest lives. May we all rise together.

Credit: image at top of page purchased from iStock.

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