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Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol | Phoenix Helix Available in paperback,  kindle and audiobook versions. This little guide contains all the information you need, in a package small enough to fit in your purse or backpack. It’s simple enough that even someone with brain fog can understand. And it’s written like a conversation between friends.
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The Paleo AIP Instant Pot Cookbook | Phoenix Helix My newest PDF e-book! If you have an Instant Pot, you are going to love this cookbook. Over 140 recipes including broths, sauces, condiments, vegetables, poultry, meat, seafood, organ meat, and dessert. Life on the AIP just got a whole lot easier and a lot more fun!
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85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts | Phoenix Helix 85 delicious answers to the question, “What can I eat for breakfast?” makes this one of the most popular PDF e-books in the AIP community!
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The Paleo AIP Reintroduction Guide | Phoenix Helix Strict AIP isn’t meant to last forever. Once you’ve seen clear improvement in your autoimmune symptoms, it’s time to start reintroducing foods and personalizing the AIP for you. This is a tricky process, though. How can you tell when you are having a food reaction? This PDF e-book guides you every step of the way.
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  1. Thank you so much for creating a simple guide that helps those of us who are easily overwhelmed know how to get started with the program. I am wondering in the Simple Guide you list zucchini as a vegetable but my paleo approach cookbook lists it as a vegetable that is actually a fruit. So does it count toward the 1-3 servings of fruit or does it count as a vegetable?

    • Jessica, as far as the diet is concerned, zucchini is a vegetable. You only need to limit fruit due to its sugar content, and zucchini is very low in sugar.

      • Thanks so much Eileen! I have reached the 30 day mark now and am encountering a dilemma. I have psoriatic arthritis, mild psoriasis (not currently active) and ulcerative colitis. The UC is the worst of the 3 and so far the AIP has helped with my overall inflammation but no difference yet with my UC. I am scheduled to start A new drug this week to try to get my UC in remission which is the most important thing right now as the inflammation is severe and I also don’t sleep at night because of it. My dilemma is I’d like to reintroduce a few foods soon as I am feeling the need to do so before I sabotage the diet, however, I am wondering if starting a new drug at the same time as doing reintroduction a will hamper my ability to tell if I am having a reaction to the food. Would appreciate hearing about any experience you have with this matter.

        • Hi Jessica. You’re right that the drug will interfere with your ability to gauge food reactions, but it also sounds like you do need that drug right now. My recommendation is to follow your doctor’s advice to get your UC under control. If you can postpone reintroductions until the drug has stabilized your symptoms, that’s ideal. If emotionally, you need to expand your diet a little bit, then go ahead and do so, but don’t consider it your reintroductions yet. Instead, you might want to do another 30 days of strict AIP once you’re in UC remission, and then go through the formal reintroduction steps at that point, when you have a stable baseline to test for reactions. Sometimes autoimmune healing is a curving path. We just need to make the best choices we can each day.

          • Thanks so much for your response Eileen. I truly feel that the path that led me to find your book is the one I am meant to be on and appreciate your sentiment that the path may curve along the way.

  2. Hi, I am thinking about getting your book so my 20 month old son can eat this way (I will too). He has ulcerative colitis. I know there are paleo kids, but do you have any thoughts on starting a baby who cannot verbally tell me how he feels on AIP? I hope that makes sense. Have you seen any other people that young practice AIP?

    • Hi Christiana. Many parents use healing diets with their children, including babies – and even though they can’t verbalize, they are very good at letting us know how they feel! I recommend watching for feedback in the usual ways – moods, behavior, crying, skin rashes, constipation, diarrhea, etc. (in terms of any negative responses to food), with the goal of all of these improving on the AIP.

  3. Eileen,
    I purchased your Simple Guide and it is wonderful. I think of it as my bible. It’s so easy to use and reference when I need to refresh my memory on any aspect of AIP. I am trying for 100% compliance so I can get my RA symptoms under control. I have had a few false starts, but am giving it another go. Thanks for helping.

  4. Eileen,
    Is there any way to make this work as a vegetarian? I’m willing to do nearly anything to treat my RA without medication however haven’t had meat or chicken in nearly 30 years and really don’t want to start. (Don’t like it.) I also am not a huge fan of seafood but have been trying it here and there. Thank you very much!

    • Hi Leslie. The books are sold on different platforms and the breakfast cookbook is a group project with multiple authors. So, a bundle isn’t possible. Instead, I’ve priced them intentionally low to make them affordable individually.

  5. Want to get your breakfast and instant pot ebooks, but I don’t do PayPal. Any other way to purchase? Thanks for everything you do for us!

    • Hi Denise. Paypal is the only payment option. However, you don’t have to have an account with them. Just use their guest checkout to pay with a credit card.

  6. I would like to buy your books (not e-books). I see on line PDFs but I don’t want that. I like books since I have visual problems. How or where can I get paper books. I really want your breakfast one, actually all 4 plus booklet

  7. Thank you so much Charles and Eileen for sharing this story. As someone with AS (following a GAPS/no starch regime at present in my quest to better health) its stories like this that encourage me to keep going. Really loved reading it and so happy that Charles is pain free.

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