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Harnessing the anti-inflammatory power of the mind-body connection for autoimmune health.

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10 Benefits of the Mind-Body Connection for People with Autoimmune Disease

It’s not surprising that the mind-body connection can reduce stress, but what about pain, fatigue, brain fog, and other symptoms of autoimmune disease? Can it reduce those too? The answer is yes! That’s because stress has a huge impact on autoimmune disease, increasing inflammation and flare activity. When we harness the mind-body connection for our health, we have the potential to soothe our inflamed bodies and calm our overactive immune system. In this blog post, I share 10 science-backed benefits across a wide variety of autoimmune diagnoses. I also feature different mind-body techniques. Meditation is wonderful, but it’s not the only way to tap the mind-body connection.

3 Myths About the Mind-Body Connection | Phoenix Helix

3 Myths About the Mind-Body Connection

Can the mind cure autoimmune disease? If all your tests come back normal are your symptoms “just in your head”? The mind-body connection is a scientific reality, but too often it’s misrepresented and misunderstood. In this article, I separate the myths from truths.

My Body is NOT My Enemy

Do you feel angry with your body? Hatred toward your body? Betrayed by your body? At war with your body? How do these feelings affect our ability to heal?

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