+ Food as Medicine: Start Here

Learning about the power of food as medicine for autoimmune health.

10 Superfoods for Autoimmune Health

10 Superfoods for Autoimmune Health

Giving up processed foods and following a real-food paleo diet goes a long way to feeding our bodies for health. But we can do even more! When we choose foods that are nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, immune system regulating, and supportive of digestion at the same time, we are truly embracing food as medicine. Thankfully, when it comes to food, there are many excellent choices. Here are some of my favorites. How many of these do you eat?

Comparison of 3 Healing Diets

Have you heard of the GAPS, Paleo and Wahls healing diets and wondered where they’re the same and where they’re different? I did the research and summarized it for you in this article.

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