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  1. Hi Lindsey. This cookbook has multiple recipe contributors and requires a special affiliate program to split the profit percentages among them. Unfortunately hardcopy book platforms like Lulu don’t offer that option, whereas ebook platforms like Ejunkie do. For that reason, ebook is the only option.

  2. Hi JT. I think it’s wonderful that you are a foodie and are still creating delicious meals for yourself. There are no nuts, seeds, or peppers in any of these recipes. So, you’re safe there. And at least half the recipes can be modified to be coconut-free with instructions included it in the back of the cookbook. However, this cookbook does contain carbohydrates and onions. So, I don’t know what to tell you. It all depends how much you could adapt the recipes around those ingredients.

    1. That’s wonderful! I usually get around onions by substituting diced celery, but trying to avoid nut and coconut -based flours & milks has been a real trial. And I can cut the carbs where I need to, depending on my diet stage. I just want a book of ideas that doesn’t end up depressing me because four out of every five ingredients are no go’s!
      Thank you! I’ll get the order placed later this afternoon!

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