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  1. Hello
    I have been living with Lupus since the age of 18. This year I will be 50 years young. I am so intrigued by your web page that I plan to go home throw out all my garbage in the kitchen cabinet and start over.

    This information has been more than helpful
    Tammie Wren

  2. I have my first booch brew on. I’m wondering.. where did you get your bottles? The two I ordered are much bigger than I expected but suspect I can make them work but would like to get some smaller ones that are about 16 ounces or so….

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  5. Thank you for your advice. I will give it another try. I need to share my story with you soon. I was diagnosed with Lichen Planus. It was gone after I did the whole minus night shades. Off all meds in 8 weeks. Still eating Whole 30. Probably will for ever! I look forward to reading your blogs

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  8. Dear Eileen,

    I’ve been devouring the info on your website. I really appreciate your scientific approach to experimenting with the AIP and your frank and honest approach to blogging; it is really refreshing.

    Background: I have been on a pretty strict paleo diet for the past two years, and have eliminated Big Suspect foods like eggs and nuts, and even coconut oil and milk. But, I’m just starting to really undertake the full elimination protocol.

    I love kombucha—my body seems to soak it up—and just made my first batch at home. Googling something about kombucha was actually how I found your blog, and I learned a lot from reading your post. But, I’m confused: I haven’t had white sugar in ages, nor have I had caffeine. But, now I’m adding both back in, even as I start the AIP? My best thinking is that the overall positive synergistic effect of the whole product outweighing or negating the potential negative effects of the individual constituents. Can you help clarify and/or make a suggestion as to whether or not I should or shouldn’t be drinking kombucha during the elimination phase of the AIP?

    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Bryna. Excellent questions. The first thing is that caffeine is allowed on the AIP in moderation, and kombucha has 1/3 the caffeine in a normal cup of tea. So, it’s definitely a low-caffeine beverage. Secondly, the body processes fermented sugar differently than regular sugar, so you aren’t really eating white sugar with kombucha. And how long you brew kombucha reduces the sugar content slightly – you want it to taste sour with a touch of sweet (rather than the other way around). Lastly, the beneficial acids and probiotics make it a very unique beverage and one that seems to benefit a lot of people. The recommendation is keep your dose small. Some people overindulge and drink bottles and bottles of it. I stick to 4-8 ounces daily, usually alongside my dinner.

  9. Thanks for this section. I made a beautiful scoby….. took two months. Then made a batch of tea but it never carbonated. Read some more about brewing Kombucha and figured that my mason jars were not air tight enough so I bought some of the swing top airtop bottles and made another batch. It also did not carbonate. So now I am figuring that it is just the fact that my scoby isn’t mature enough. Third batch is fermenting. Hoping that after I bottle this batch, that it will carbonate.

    • It sounds like you’re on the right track, Lisa. Did you read that section of my troubleshooting article for tips? One additional tip is that brewing in the low 80’s instead of the 70’s also increases carbonation. When I switched from a seedling mat to a kombucha heater, I was able to maintain an 80 degree brewing temperature, and I noticed that my SCOBY’s got thicker and my brew got fizzier. (Don’t go above 85 degrees though or it can hurt your SCOBY).

    • I don’t see the comment that you left for me here but to answer the questions that I received in the email comment: yes I read your troubleshooting section. This is how I knew that the reason my kombucha didn’t carbonate was because my scoby has to mature. I saw the warming mat. I keep my kombucha in a bedroom that I keep the door closed on so that the heat stays in the room (It is 20 degrees here today) and on a heating pad to ensure that it is kept warm. My tea ferments wonderfully. Like I said, I was able to grow my own scoby this way. I am just looking forward to the day when my second fermentation results it a bubbly brew.

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