14 thoughts on “Kombucha Series

  1. Hello
    I have been living with Lupus since the age of 18. This year I will be 50 years young. I am so intrigued by your web page that I plan to go home throw out all my garbage in the kitchen cabinet and start over.

    This information has been more than helpful
    Tammie Wren

  2. I have my first booch brew on. I’m wondering.. where did you get your bottles? The two I ordered are much bigger than I expected but suspect I can make them work but would like to get some smaller ones that are about 16 ounces or so….

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  5. Thank you for your advice. I will give it another try. I need to share my story with you soon. I was diagnosed with Lichen Planus. It was gone after I did the whole minus night shades. Off all meds in 8 weeks. Still eating Whole 30. Probably will for ever! I look forward to reading your blogs

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