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Episode 69: Healthy Deviance with Pilar Gerasimo

In the modern world, the cards are stacked against us. From grocery stores filled with foods that aren’t real food, to being bombarded by environmental pollutants, to a culture that takes pride in being busier than ever and wears sleep deprivation like a gold star. When we take steps to recover and enhance our health, we are going against this tide, stepping outside the norm, and it’s not easy! We’re doing it in a world that encourages unhealthy life choices, and sometimes even our closest friends and family try to sabotage our efforts. My guest, Pilar Gerasimo, is a healthcare journalist who has been writing about healthy deviance for decades. In this episode, we talk about the many obstacles we face and strategies for being successful revolutionaries for our own health.

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Meet Eileen

Hi, and welcome! My name's Eileen Laird, and I'm using food as medicine to reduce my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. If you browse the internet, you'll see I'm not alone. Through this blog, I hope to share my journey, connect with others, and create a resource of information and inspiration for anyone with autoimmune disease who wants to tap their own healing potential.

My Story

What is the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol?

The AIP is a diet and lifestyle program designed to reduce inflammation, heal digestion, deliver nutrition that supports health, and ultimately reverse autoimmune disease. There are four elements to the protocol:

  • the inflammatory foods we avoid
  • the nutrient-dense foods we eat
  • the reintroduction process where we personalize our diet
  • and the lifestyle choices that support rather than detract from our health.

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Here you’ll find lots of resources to support your healing journey:

  • Cookbooks and meal plans
  • Kitchen tools
  • AIP-friendly ingredients
  • Healthy convenience foods
  • Meditation resources
  • Sleep support
  • and more!

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