This biweekly podcast features interviews with experts in the fields of nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, integrative medicine, and autoimmune disease. It also highlights personal stories of the autoimmune experience. To quickly see all the topics covered, here’s a Text List of Episodes. You can also subscribe through your favorite podcast app: iTunes, Stitcher, Google, TuneIn, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

Episode 02: Paleo 101 with Liz Wolfe

Are you new to paleo, or do you know someone who would like to learn more? In this episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast, we cover Paleo 101. We talk about the foods we eat, the foods we avoid, and why. We also bust some myths, like, “Aren’t meat and saturated fat bad for you?” and “I thought vegetarianism was the healthiest diet.” If you’re new to this lifestyle, you probably have these questions yourself. If you’ve been eating this way for a while, you have undoubtedly heard these questions from family and friends. I’m joined by paleo expert, Liz Wolfe, to bust the myths and help everyone understand why paleo is a healthy way to live and eat. As always, I’ll be filtering all of this information through the lens of autoimmunity.

Episode 1 of the Phoenix Helix Podcast: Healing Stories

Let’s take it back to my very first podcast episode. The Phoenix Helix Podcast is dedicated 100% to autoimmune healing. I decided to kick off Episode 1 with personal healing stories. 4 guests and I talk about our rock bottom with autoimmune disease, how far we’ve come, and what diet and lifestyle choices made the biggest difference in our health.

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