This biweekly podcast features interviews with experts in the fields of nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, integrative medicine, and autoimmune disease. It also highlights personal stories of the autoimmune experience. To quickly see all the topics covered, here’s a Text List of Episodes. You can also subscribe through your favorite podcast app: iTunes, Stitcher, Google, TuneIn, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

Episode 12: Circadian Rhythms & The Perfect Health Diet with Dr. Paul Jaminet

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast covers Circadian Rhythms: our internal body clock that does so much more than keep time. Balanced rhythms promote autoimmune healing, whereas wonky rhythms are a huge obstacle, throwing off our sleep, hormones, and so much more. I’m joined by Dr. Paul Jaminet, author of The Perfect Health Diet, to teach us how to harness these rhythms for optimal health. We also talk about his dietary protocol in detail, why he recommends eating white rice, and how infections relate to autoimmunity. It’s a great interview!

Episode 11: Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo AIP

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast covers Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. Strict AIP isn’t meant to last forever. Today, I’m joined by two women with autoimmune disease who have been doing the AIP long-term. We talk about when to start reintroductions, how to do them correctly, and share our personal experiences with which foods we’ve successfully added back into our diet.

Episode 10: Overcoming Self-Sabotage with Dr. Judy Tsafrir and Rory Linehan

Sometimes, we make choices that we know will cause an autoimmune flare and do it anyway. It’s doubly painful, because not only do we suffer the physical symptoms, we often feel shame about being the cause. In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Judy Tsafrir and Rory Linehan, to talk about why we do this, and how to break this pattern.

Episode 09: Functional Medicine with Anne Angelone

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast answers the question, “What is Functional Medicine?” Our guest is Anne Angelone, acupuncturist, herbalist and functional medicine practitioner. She talks about what health obstacles can interfere with autoimmune healing, which tests are most helpful, and which interventions she recommends. Anne also has autoimmune disease herself (ankylosing spondylitis and uveitis), and shares her healing story with us today.

Episode 08: Getting Help – Health and Nutrition Coaching

Maximizing autoimmune health through diet and lifestyle is hard work. The rewards are absolutely worth it, but sometimes a little extra help can make it a whole lot easier. When do we ask for that help? What services do we need? In this podcast episode I interview a health coach and a nutrition coach. They both have autoimmune disease themselves and have dedicated their careers to helping people live their healthiest lives. We clarify the difference between the services they offer, and which clients benefit the most from their coaching.

Episode 07: The Wahls Protocol with Dr. Terry Wahls

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast is an in-depth interview with Dr. Terry Wahls, a doctor with multiple sclerosis, who went from a wheelchair to a bicycle through the power of a nutrient-dense paleo diet, called the Wahls Protocol. Today, we talk about her protocol in detail, advice for beginners, common mistakes people make, transitioning from vegetarianism, do a guided meditation, and get an update on her clinical trials. It’s a power-packed interview!

Episode 06: Paleo Holiday Survival Guide

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Hanukkah and Christmas follow quickly on its heels. For many of us, the holidays are the toughest season to manage in terms of stress, and staying on a healing diet. Between the parties and the pressure, it’s easy to get off track. The problem with autoimmune disease is that going off-track can lead to a flare that can ruin your holiday season. We’re here to help! This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast is all about navigating the holidays flare-free.

Episode 05: Fermented Foods with Sarah Ramsden

Fermented foods are highly recommended on a healing diet. In this podcast, I’m joined by holistic nutritionist and fermentation expert, Sarah Ramsden. We talk about why fermented foods are so beneficial to people with autoimmune disease, how they compare to bottled probiotics, what to look for when buying them from the store, recipes to get you started fermenting at home, and the reasons some people have negative reactions.

Episode 04: Practical Tips for Getting Started on the Paleo AIP

In this episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast, I’m joined by Mickey Trescott and Christina Feindel. All three of us have been living the paleo lifestyle for many years, and we’ve each improved our autoimmune health with the help of the autoimmune protocol (AIP). We share our best advice for getting started on a healing diet, how to set yourself up for success, what resources are available to help, and how to stick with the protocol when temptation hits.

Episode 03: The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

New to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol? This podcast is for you! Dr. Sarah Ballantyne (aka The Paleo Mom) shares her personal healing story, gives an overview of the AIP, and takes a big picture look at the scientific basis for how it works to reduce autoimmune symptoms. The AIP can be hard, so it’s really helpful to understand the reasoning behind it. Get ready to geek out on some science!

Episode 02: Paleo 101 with Liz Wolfe

Are you new to paleo, or do you know someone who would like to learn more? In this episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast, we cover Paleo 101. We talk about the foods we eat, the foods we avoid, and why. We also bust some myths, like, “Aren’t meat and saturated fat bad for you?” and “I thought vegetarianism was the healthiest diet.” If you’re new to this lifestyle, you probably have these questions yourself. If you’ve been eating this way for a while, you have undoubtedly heard these questions from family and friends. I’m joined by paleo expert, Liz Wolfe, to bust the myths and help everyone understand why paleo is a healthy way to live and eat. As always, I’ll be filtering all of this information through the lens of autoimmunity.

Episode 1 of the Phoenix Helix Podcast: Healing Stories

Let’s take it back to my very first podcast episode. The Phoenix Helix Podcast is dedicated 100% to autoimmune healing. I decided to kick off Episode 1 with personal healing stories. 4 guests and I talk about our rock bottom with autoimmune disease, how far we’ve come, and what diet and lifestyle choices made the biggest difference in our health.

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