This biweekly podcast features interviews with experts in the fields of nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, integrative medicine, and autoimmune disease. It also highlights personal stories of the autoimmune experience. To quickly see all the topics covered, here’s a Text List of Episodes. You can also subscribe through your favorite podcast app: iTunes, Stitcher, Google, TuneIn, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

Episode 29: SIBO with Dr. Melanie Keller

SIBO stands for Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth. Having bacteria in our bodies is a normal state of being. In fact, 90% of our body is made up of microbes. So what’s the problem with finding them in the small intestine? Well, they don’t belong there, at least not in high numbers. Whereas the large intestine is the natural home for billions of microbes, a healthy small intestine only has about 100,000. So, basically, they’ve migrated. Have you ever dealt with invasive plants in your yard? They tend to take over and cause all sorts of problems. The same thing happens in the small intestine. In this podcast, we discuss why this happens, how it relates to autoimmune disease, and the most effective tests and treatments. My guest, Dr. Melanie Keller, has battled SIBO herself and now specializes in its treatment professionally.

Episode 28: History of the AIP with Robb Wolf

Did you know that Robb Wolf has ulcerative colitis, and that his mother and mother-in-law both had rheumatoid arthritis? There’s a reason he’s so passionate about educating people about the AIP. Many of us have had our lives transformed through the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (Robb and myself included). While it’s not yet a mainstream healthcare approach, it’s gaining momentum and visibility worldwide. At the same time, we’ve forgotten a lot of the pioneers who did the research we’re using in our own health journeys today. I invited Robb onto this podcast to help us remember them. This is one of my favorite interviews. Robb says the same.

Episode 27: Hashimoto’s with Andrea Nakayama

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast delves into all things Hashimoto’s with functional nutritionist and educator, Andrea Nakayama. What tests are included in a complete thyroid panel? How do you find a good doctor? How do you manage ever-changing symptoms in a way that feels empowering, rather than disheartening? Even if you don’t have thyroid issues, this show is worth a listen. A surprising number of symptoms can have undiagnosed thyroid issues at their root.

Episode 26: Beyond Food – Healing Lifestyle

This podcast episode delves into healing lifestyle choices. We talk a lot about diet in this community, but healing is about much more than food. Sarah Ballantyne, author of The Paleo Approach and leader of the AIP movement says this: “Let me be clear: Dietary changes aren’t effective in isolation. If you don’t address lifestyle factors as well, it won’t matter how ideal your food choices are.” So, I interviewed four people about one lifestyle change that has made a big difference in their autoimmune healing journey. Sarah is one of them. If you haven’t started addressing your lifestyle choices yet, I offer you this podcast as inspiration to start today.

Episode 25: Paleo AIP Travel

When we’re on a healing diet, our kitchens become our safe places. It’s where we prepare delicious food that helps our body heal, with no worry of cross-contamination or hidden ingredients that can cause an autoimmune flare. However, we don’t want to feel trapped at home. Many of us have loved ones spread across the globe, and there are also so many beautiful places to visit. How can we travel with confidence, and stay healthy at the same time? In this podcast episode, two of my globe-trotting AIP friends share advice for plane travel, road trips, international adventures, camping, business trips, Disneyworld and more.

Episode 24: The Mind-Body Connection with Donna Jackson Nakazawa

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast is one of the most popular of all time. Can our minds help heal (or harm) our bodies? What used to be considered “new age thinking” is now being proven through the science of psychoneuroimmunology. My guest is an award-winning science journalist who also has autoimmune disease. She conducted a year-long self-experiment into mind-body practices and their effects on her own autoimmune symptoms. She also researched the effect childhood trauma has on our developing brain and immune systems, which can set us up for autoimmune disease later in life. Thankfully, there are ways to reverse this process, and she shares those tips, too.

Episode 23: When Your Child Has Autoimmune Disease

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast addresses a difficult topic: When your child has autoimmune disease. We all know that it’s a terrifying moment to receive an autoimmune diagnosis yourself. To receive one for your child is simply overwhelming. It’s natural to feel helpless and unsure of what to do. We want to protect our children and usher them into a beautiful life. How do we do this in the middle of chronic illness? I invited 4 parents onto the show today, who have walked this path already. They share their experience and their advice for new parents facing this situation. Ciarra’s daughter has Hashimoto’s. Allan and Barbara’s daughter has Crohn’s. And Denise’s daughter has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Uveitis.

Episode 22: Transitioning Your Family to Paleo

You’re much more likely to be successful on a healing diet if you aren’t constantly surrounded by foods you shouldn’t eat. That said, it’s not always easy to get families on board. In this podcast, we have a panel of guests sharing their experiences and advice for transitioning spouses, young children, teenagers, and even picky eaters to a paleo-style diet.

Episode 21: Autoimmune Q&A with Dr. Datis Kharrazian

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast interviews one of the major functional medicine leaders in the field of autoimmune disease: Dr. Datis Kharrazian. He’s a clinician, researcher, professor, and author of two bestselling books: “Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?” and “Why Isn’t My Brain Working?” Today, we cover a wide range of topics: (1) The 3 Stages of Autoimmunity, (2) The Role of Blood Sugar in Autoimmune Disease, (3) The Power of Stress and Our Emotional Demons, (4) How to Support our Regulatory Immune Cells and Suppress our Inflammatory Ones, (5) The Connection Between Leaky Gut and a Leaky Blood-Brain Barrier, (6) Harnessing the Power of the Vagus Nerve, (7) Chemical Intolerance and the Dangers of Chelation, (8) How to Heal Food Sensitivities, and (9) His Top Recommended Tests and Supplements. It’s an information-packed interview!

Episode 20: Ketogenic Diets with Dr. Terry Wahls and Dr. Paul Jaminet

Ketogenic diets are an ongoing source of debate in the paleo community. Some people say they are the cure for all ills. Others say they are dangerous and should be avoided. In this podcast, we take a balanced look with an interview with Dr. Terry Wahls and Dr. Paul Jaminet. Are all ketogenic diets alike? What does the science really say? Who can benefit most from ketosis? What are the cautions? If you do decide to try it, what’s the best way to make the transition? This episode will help you decide if ketosis is right (or wrong) for you.

Episode 19: Fecal Microbiota Transplants

How does our microbiome affect our health? Is it possible that a “poop transplant” could reverse autoimmune disease? While that sounds a little crazy, if you listen to this podcast, it might start to make sense. Right now, FMTs are being used in the United States to cure life-threatening C. difficile infections, where medication has failed. Internationally, clinics are doing research into FMTs in the treatment of autoimmune disease. In this episode, I interview Glenn Taylor, director of the Taymount Clinic in the UK. He describes the science behind the transplants. Then, we hear from two patients who have received the procedure: one for C. difficile and one for multiple sclerosis.

Episode 18: Autoimmune Skin Conditions

While all autoimmune diseases have common factors (molecular mimicry, an overactive immune system, leaky gut, food and stress triggers, etc.), autoimmune skin conditions sometimes have additional influences. So, that’s the focus of this episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast. Whether you have psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus, hidradenitis suppurativa, rosacea, or another autoimmune or immune-stimulated condition, listen in! And even if you don’t have skin issues, but are looking for some troubleshooting ideas for symptoms that aren’t resolving quickly, this episode might have the answers you seek.

Episode 17: An Autoimmune Paleo Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or planning to get pregnant? This podcast is for you! We cover pre-pregnancy nutrition, what to expect with each trimester, food plans for the hospital, why some people flare while others go into remission, and answer the question of why it’s so hard to stay paleo while pregnant. Mikaela Morgan Guimaraes has Crohn’s disease and shares her pregnancy experience. Samantha McClellan is a birth doula, educating us from the professional perspective. 

Episode 16: Young, Single and AIP

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast is about living the autoimmune paleo life when you’re young and single. It’s never easy to have autoimmune disease, but when you’re trying to date, deal with roommates, handle flares on your own, and find a way to focus on healing while all your friends are drinking, it can be even harder. My three guests were all diagnosed with their autoimmune disease at a young age, and they chose the impressive path of healing through diet and lifestyle. Today, we’ll be talking about the blessings and challenges of that choice.

Episode 15: Adrenal Fatigue with Christopher Kelly

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast delves into the connection between adrenal fatigue and autoimmunity. Our guest, Christopher Kelly, has recovered from adrenal fatigue himself and helped hundreds of others do the same. The classic symptom of adrenal fatigue is feeling tired but wired. What causes it? How is it connected to autoimmunity? And how is it healed? Chris answers these questions and also shares his personal healing story.

Episode 14: Healing Stories 2

This episode includes 5 interviews with people maximizing their autoimmune health through the paleo diet and lifestyle. There’s nothing more inspiring than real life stories. Episode 1 of this podcast included 5 such stories and it is the most popular episode to date. Today we have a sequel and will talking about Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s, Myasthenia Gravis, Diabetes, Sarcoidosis, Cardiomyopathy and Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Episode 12: Circadian Rhythms & The Perfect Health Diet with Dr. Paul Jaminet

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast covers Circadian Rhythms: our internal body clock that does so much more than keep time. Balanced rhythms promote autoimmune healing, whereas wonky rhythms are a huge obstacle, throwing off our sleep, hormones, and so much more. I’m joined by Dr. Paul Jaminet, author of The Perfect Health Diet, to teach us how to harness these rhythms for optimal health. We also talk about his dietary protocol in detail, why he recommends eating white rice, and how infections relate to autoimmunity. It’s a great interview!

Episode 11: Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo AIP

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast covers Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. Strict AIP isn’t meant to last forever. Today, I’m joined by two women with autoimmune disease who have been doing the AIP long-term. We talk about when to start reintroductions, how to do them correctly, and share our personal experiences with which foods we’ve successfully added back into our diet.

Episode 10: Overcoming Self-Sabotage with Dr. Judy Tsafrir and Rory Linehan

Sometimes, we make choices that we know will cause an autoimmune flare and do it anyway. It’s doubly painful, because not only do we suffer the physical symptoms, we often feel shame about being the cause. In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Judy Tsafrir and Rory Linehan, to talk about why we do this, and how to break this pattern.

Episode 09: Functional Medicine with Anne Angelone

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast answers the question, “What is Functional Medicine?” Our guest is Anne Angelone, acupuncturist, herbalist and functional medicine practitioner. She talks about what health obstacles can interfere with autoimmune healing, which tests are most helpful, and which interventions she recommends. Anne also has autoimmune disease herself (ankylosing spondylitis and uveitis), and shares her healing story with us today.

Episode 08: Getting Help – Health and Nutrition Coaching

Maximizing autoimmune health through diet and lifestyle is hard work. The rewards are absolutely worth it, but sometimes a little extra help can make it a whole lot easier. When do we ask for that help? What services do we need? In this podcast episode I interview a health coach and a nutrition coach. They both have autoimmune disease themselves and have dedicated their careers to helping people live their healthiest lives. We clarify the difference between the services they offer, and which clients benefit the most from their coaching.

Episode 07: The Wahls Protocol with Dr. Terry Wahls

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast is an in-depth interview with Dr. Terry Wahls, a doctor with multiple sclerosis, who went from a wheelchair to a bicycle through the power of a nutrient-dense paleo diet, called the Wahls Protocol. Today, we talk about her protocol in detail, advice for beginners, common mistakes people make, transitioning from vegetarianism, do a guided meditation, and get an update on her clinical trials. It’s a power-packed interview!

Episode 06: Paleo Holiday Survival Guide

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Hanukkah and Christmas follow quickly on its heels. For many of us, the holidays are the toughest season to manage in terms of stress, and staying on a healing diet. Between the parties and the pressure, it’s easy to get off track. The problem with autoimmune disease is that going off-track can lead to a flare that can ruin your holiday season. We’re here to help! This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast is all about navigating the holidays flare-free.

Episode 05: Fermented Foods with Sarah Ramsden

Fermented foods are highly recommended on a healing diet. In this podcast, I’m joined by holistic nutritionist and fermentation expert, Sarah Ramsden. We talk about why fermented foods are so beneficial to people with autoimmune disease, how they compare to bottled probiotics, what to look for when buying them from the store, recipes to get you started fermenting at home, and the reasons some people have negative reactions.

Episode 04: Practical Tips for Getting Started on the Paleo AIP

In this episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast, I’m joined by Mickey Trescott and Christina Feindel. All three of us have been living the paleo lifestyle for many years, and we’ve each improved our autoimmune health with the help of the autoimmune protocol (AIP). We share our best advice for getting started on a healing diet, how to set yourself up for success, what resources are available to help, and how to stick with the protocol when temptation hits.

Episode 03: The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

New to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol? This podcast is for you! Dr. Sarah Ballantyne (aka The Paleo Mom) shares her personal healing story, gives an overview of the AIP, and takes a big picture look at the scientific basis for how it works to reduce autoimmune symptoms. The AIP can be hard, so it’s really helpful to understand the reasoning behind it. Get ready to geek out on some science!

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