Life on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol – a Story In Memes

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When you first learn about the protocol:

Autoimmune Paleo, or alternately titled: I can't eat WHAT? (photo of Professor Snape looking shocked)
Meme by Meatified

First trip to the grocery store:

Walking down the junk food aisle like (photo of priest holding a cross)

Second trip to the grocery store:

If the cavemen didn't eat it, I don't eat it. In what aisle is the La Croix?
Image by OverheardLA

When someone tries to bring gluten into your home:

Stop right there! (photo of squirrel with palms out)
Photo © Mary McGowan and The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Mastering the art of cooking:

My cooking is so fabulous, even the smoke alarm cheers me on!

The first time you make liver:

I've never been so proud of you! (Photo of Tom Brady crying tears of joy)


When meal prep is life (photo of woman chopping onions in a subway car)
Meme via Paleo Foundation

Falling in love:

Just made a pinterest board for my instant pot. I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.

When your Oreo-eating roommate reaches for one of your homemade AIP cookies:

Step away from my food! (photo of angry cat)
Meme by Phoenix Helix

Meltdown moment:

I don't want to cook another meal! (photo of howling cat)
Meme by Phoenix Helix

Best gift ever:

When someone offers to cook me a Paleo AIP dinner (photo of dog looking delighted as he runs toward camera)
Photo by Tobias Weidner

Realizing it’s about more than just food:

Taking a little time for me (photo of dog resting with arms crossed and spa towel wrap over top of head)
Meme by Phoenix Helix

Prioritizing sleep:

That awkward moment when a nap becomes sleep and you wake up confused about what year you're in
Meme by Emotional Autoimmunity

Saying your daily affirmations:

Kitten looks in a mirror and sees a lion looking back

Meditating for the first time:

Not sure if achieving meditative stillness or just falling asleep

Your new social life:

When you're at a party and no one wants to talk about gut health (photo of man sitting alone)
Meme by Raia’s Recipes

Functional medicine testing:

Hey, are you into methylation cause you're the most beautiful MTHFR I've ever seen (Howard from Big Bang Theory)

When your autoimmune symptoms start to improve:

Happy Dance Time (photo of 2 praying mantises dancing)
Photo © Hasan Baglar Photography

When your doctor tells you it’s a coincidence and food has no impact on health:

Double Facepalm: when the fail is so strong, one facepalm is not enough

Realizing you’ve become an AIP expert and can now help someone new:

Sculpture of a rabbit family with baby rabbit needing a lift, and a little boy in real life trying to help

Special thanks to all the meme creators and photographers who gave me permission to use their images in this post. See credits beneath each image.

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  1. LOL! Thank you!!!!!

    I was Pablo Escobar just last weekend! It was also my first get together and I did pretty well.

  2. Haha! I think that ‘meltdown moment’ could come after every one or two memes… for me, at least. 😉

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