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Episode 213: Holiday Boundaries & Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Ellen Vora

We tend to notice boundaries most when they’re getting crossed – by other people, or by ourselves. We also notice when we struggle to set them at all. Today, we’re focusing on the holiday season. If you have autoimmune disease, there’s a powerful intersection between your ability to set boundaries and your ability to protect your health. So, we are here to help! In this podcast, we share tips for setting healthy boundaries around food, time, energy, and money. My guest is Dr. Ellen Vora. She is a psychiatrist who takes a functional medicine approach to mental health. I love the way she educates around boundaries, which is why I asked her to be my guest today. She is also the author of the book, Anatomy of Anxiety.

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Episode 206: Listener Q&A

I listen to a lot of podcasts myself and some of my favorite episodes are Listener Q&A’s. It allows a lot of topics to be covered in a short period of time, and everyone learns something new. I asked you to send in your questions, and you delivered! Here are some we’ll be answering in today’s episode: How do you react to people who don’t believe your autoimmune disease is real? What is a good way to explain why I cannot have “cheat” days to someone who tries to pressure me into eating things I shouldn’t? What foods have you successfully reintroduced? Have you ever befriended a listener and ended up enjoying a long-term friendship? Why can some people seem to put their autoimmune disease into remission, and others who have diet and lifestyle “dialed in” still need immunotherapy? What has been the most powerful growth and learning for you through doing this podcast? With my friend Joanna’s help, I answer these questions and more in today’s podcast!

Episode 192: Healthy Food Swaps & Nutritious Combos with Annie Rubin, RDN

If you’re new to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, a lot of your favorite foods are suddenly off the table and you may wonder what you can eat! In today’s podcast, we share AIP food swaps for the foods you miss the most. We also share some powerful superfood combinations. My guest is Annie Rubin. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and an AIP Certified Coach. She’s also a fellow autoimmune warrior living with rheumatoid arthritis herself.

Episode 177: GMOs with McKay Jenkins

The first genetically modified food hit the market in 1994. Now, nearly all the food included in a Standard American Diet contains GMO ingredients. The good news is that if you avoid processed foods and shop the perimeter of the store, you cut your GMO consumption dramatically. However, we can’t escape it altogether. The increased herbicide use becomes part of the environment in which we live. There’s cross-contamination of crops, so even farms that strive to be GMO-free often find GMO plants in their fields. And 95% of animal feed is GMO. What are the health risks associated with genetically modified foods? Is it the genetic engineering that’s the problem, or the chemicals that are sprayed on them? How can we make the healthiest choices when it comes to the food we eat? My guest is McKay Jenkins, a professor and journalist who has been writing and teaching about the environment for 30 years. He’s the author of the book, Food Fight: GMOs and the Future of the American Diet.

Episode 170: Gut Health Superfoods with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

Gut health and autoimmune health are intimately connected. So, focusing on foods that promote gut health makes sense. What qualifies as a gut health superfood? How can we incorporate more of these foods into our diet? Can a healthy food for one person be unhealthy for someone else? How do we determine the best “superfoods” for us? My guest is Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, bestselling author and leader in the paleo autoimmune community. She’s spent the last six years deeply researching gut health and shares her findings with us today.

Episode 164: Best Of – AIP FAQ

This is one of the most popular podcast episodes – for good reason! One of my goals is to make the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol as simple to follow as possible. In this episode, I dedicate an entire podcast to the most frequently asked questions I’ve received: Will the AIP work for my diagnosis? Is it helpful if you don’t have autoimmune disease? Does it replace medication? How does it differ from the Wahls Protocol? Why can’t I just do an allergy test? Can you do the AIP as a vegetarian? Why isn’t coffee allowed? Can you have sugar on the AIP? I’m constantly hungry – what do I do? Tune in to get answers to these questions, and many more. 

AIP Celebrations

Episode 162: AIP Celebrations

One of the joys of living is celebrating special occasions with those we love, and food often ends up being a central part of that celebration. What happens when your diet has changed and you’re no longer eating traditional celebration foods? The answer isn’t to give up on celebrations. Life is meant to be enjoyed! It just takes a little creativity to adapt the food piece in a way that’s delicious, special, and supports your healing at the same time. In this episode, two AIP experts share their favorite ways to do that. We’ll be talking about year-round holidays, birthdays, and parties in general. Whether it’s an anniversary, a graduation, or a retirement celebration, you can serve AIP food so delicious everyone will enjoy it! 

Cultural Foods and the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

Episode 156: Cultural Foods and the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

We all come from cultural backgrounds where food is part of our family heritage. Did you grieve lost food traditions when you went paleo or AIP? Did you find AIP versions that came close? Or did you find new ways to celebrate those traditions? These are the questions I’m asking my guests today. 

Intuitive Eating and the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol with Steph Gaudreau

Episode 151: Intuitive Eating and the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol with Steph Gaudreau

Many people think of the AIP as simply a list of foods you can and can’t eat, so how can intuition play a role? And if your intuition tells you to eat junk food, that derails health goals rather than supports them, right? So, how can these things possibly go together? In this podcast episode, we bust some myths about both of these dietary philosophies and see how they might be blended for autoimmune health.

Sticking To It - Staying ON the Paleo AIP Wagon

Episode 149: Best Of – Sticking To It – Staying ON the Paleo AIP Wagon

This is one of the most popular podcast episodes – for good reason! Let’s be honest. The paleo autoimmune protocol is hard to do, and some people have a harder time than others. In this podcast, I invited 3 health & nutrition coaches onto the show, to share techniques that help their clients maintain a healthy lifestyle against all temptations and obstacles. All three of these ladies have personal experience following the autoimmune protocol for their own health as well. Let’s help each other succeed!

Loss of Oral Tolerance with Dr. Datis Karrazian | Phoenix Helix Podcast

Episode 147: Loss of Oral Tolerance with Dr. Datis Kharrazian

Why does food intolerance increase with autoimmune disease? And why are some people able to reintroduce foods successfully while other people struggle? In this episode, I speak with a leader in the autoimmune health community: Dr. Datis Kharrazian. He’s a clinician, researcher, author, and expert on this issue. He shares the root causes behind this loss of tolerance, as well as practical tips to heal and expand food tolerance again.

Episode 134: Orthorexia with Imei Hsu

What’s the line between a healing diet and a harmful one? Orthorexia is a term that was first coined in the late 1990’s by Dr. Steven Bratman. It refers to an obsessive focus on healthy eating that becomes clinically impairing. This idea has become controversial in the paleo autoimmune community. Does a healing diet automatically set you up for orthorexia? What does it mean to eat in a way that supports your health? And what does it look like when this goal becomes unhealthy? My guest is Imei Hsu. She’s a registered nurse and clinical psychotherapist, and eating disorders are one of her specialties. She also has autoimmune disease herself as well as food allergies.

Episode 130: Long-Term Healing Diets

This episode marks the 5-year anniversary of this podcast! When I was thinking about how I wanted to celebrate, I decided to invite 2 friends onto the show who have been following a healing diet for 5 years or more. But that doesn’t mean our diet today looks the same as it did on day 1 of this journey. We’ve personalized it over the years, learning what does and doesn’t work for our unique bodies. We’ve had setbacks and recoveries, and we’ve learned to navigate our bodies’ changing needs.

Episode 127: Best Of – Social Lives on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

This is one of the most popular podcasts – for good reason! In cultures around the world, we gather together over food: we have dinner dates, drinks with friends, favorite festivals, and big family meals at our grandparents’ house. What happens when we can’t eat that food any more? Some people make the mistake of giving up their social life altogether because they simply don’t know how to manage it. In this podcast, 3 experienced AIP-ers share their experience and advice for having a full and fun social life while still staying true to your healing diet. It can be done!

Hashimoto's AIP Medical Study | Phoenix Helix

Episode 126: Hashimoto’s AIP Medical Study

I have some exciting research to share! It’s the first medical study looking at the paleo autoimmune protocol as an intervention for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. The results were impressive! In this episode, Dr. Rob Abbott and Angie Alt (the research team) give us all the details.

Episode 117: Eating AIP in a Non-Paleo Home

The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol is a challenging diet under the best of circumstances. But when you’re the only one in your household following this diet, and you’re surrounded by foods you cannot eat, how do you manage? Today, I’ve invited three people onto the podcast to share their experience with us. They all have autoimmune disease. They all went AIP to improve their symptoms and maximize their health. And they’re all making this work in non-paleo households. We talk about everything from avoiding food temptations, to eating safely in a gluten-filled kitchen, to blending your dietary needs with those of your friends and family.

Episode 115: Easy AIP with Mickey Trescott

This episode is all about making the paleo autoimmune protocol easier to follow. We share our best tips for easy breakfasts, easy lunches, easy dinners, easy snacks, easy sleep, and easy stress management. My guest, Mickey Trescott, is one of the women behind the Autoimmune Wellness blog and podcast, the author of three AIP cookbooks, and a pioneer in the paleo AIP community.

Episode 111: Best Of – Paleo Cooking and Baking Tips from the Masters

This is one of the most popular podcast episodes for a reason! When you first switch to a paleo diet, you lose a lot of your standard recipes, are introduced to a bunch of new ingredients, and it’s not uncommon to feel lost in your own kitchen. Thankfully, we have expert paleo tour guides! Mel Joulwan is the author of the bestselling Well Fed Cookbook Series, Rachael Bryant is the author of the AIP cookbook Nourish, and Laura Vein from the blog Sweet Treats is a former pastry chef turned AIP baker. They share their best tips with us.

Episode 95: Religious Traditions and the AIP

Many traditions – both sacred and secular – center around food. In addition, religions sometimes have specific rules concerning diet. When you’re diagnosed with autoimmune disease and change your diet to support your health, how do you maintain your connection to your religion, your culture, and your community? In this podcast, I interview 3 guests from 3 different faiths about how they mindfully balance their traditions with their diet and health needs

Episode 90: Paleo AIP Babies & Postpartum

When you have autoimmune disease, how do you continue to take care of yourself when you are also taking care of a new baby? What are the special health needs of both you and your baby during this time? In this podcast, 3 mothers share their experiences.

Episode 83: Medical Study on the Paleo AIP for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

There are literally thousands of anecdotal stories into the benefit of the paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP) as a treatment for autoimmune disease. But until recently, there was no scientific research to back up these claims. That changed with the publication of this study. 15 patients with active IBD (Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis) transitioned to the paleo autoimmune protocol. Result? 73% achieved remission. In this podcast, I interview Dr. Gauree Konijeti, gastroenterologist and lead researcher, and Angie Alt, the lead AIP coach for the group.

Episode 79: Nutrient Density with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

What does it mean to be a nutrient seeker? Sometimes when we’re on a healing diet, we focus so much on the foods we avoid, that we forget to pay attention to the foods we’re choosing to eat. While it is essential to avoid inflammatory foods, we also need to provide our bodies with the deep nutrition they need to heal. A steady diet of chicken breasts, broccoli, and paleo AIP desserts isn’t going to get us there. So, which foods give us the biggest bang for our nutritional buck? What do our meals and menu look like when we are truly eating for health? That’s what this podcast is all about.

Episode 71: Trying to Do It All - Work, Family, and Autoimmune Healing

Episode 71: Trying to Do It All – Work, Family, and Autoimmune Healing

Following the paleo diet and lifestyle is a time commitment for anyone, but when your life is already intensely busy, how do you fit it all in? This is a question I’ve gotten from podcast listeners, and in this episode, I have invited three people in this exact situation to share their best tips. My guests are all mothers with autoimmune disease who also work outside the home. In spite of the multiple demands on their time, they have found ways to make a healing diet and lifestyle work. Let’s learn from each other!

Episode 60: Transitioning from Vegetarian to Paleo

Many people come to the paleo community after years of veganism or vegetarianism. The reason is usually a health crisis, which can be shocking after eating a diet you thought was healthy for years. Some people embrace meat again without difficulty, but others struggle with ethical concerns, taste and texture issues, and even a loss of identity. In this podcast, I interview Registered Dietitian Diana Rodgers on the nutritional difference between these diets, and how to be an Ethical Omnivore. I also interview nutritionist Kinsey Jackson on her personal journey transitioning from vegetarian to paleo. It was a difficult change for her, but led to dramatic improvements in her autoimmune health.

Episode 55: Saving Time in the Kitchen

Life on a healing diet means preparing most – if not all – of your own food. So, that’s a lotta cooking! Anything that saves us time and makes the process more efficient is a lifesaver. It’s also an important part of being able to stick with a healing diet. In this podcast episode, I have 3 wonderful guests. Together, we share our best tips for making the most food in the least amount of time, without sacrificing nutrition or flavor. This includes our beloved Instant Pot and the magic of batch cooking!

Episode 35: A Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast is dedicated to my book: A Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. I’m joined by three of my friends with autoimmune disease who have used the AIP to manage their own health. We share our healing stories, what worked and what didn’t, and what parts of the book resonate the most with our own journeys. Chelsey has Crohn’s disease. Erin has psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and Raynaud’s disease. Tara has lupus, psoriasis and vitiligo.

Episode 25: Paleo AIP Travel

When we’re on a healing diet, our kitchens become our safe places. It’s where we prepare delicious food that helps our body heal, with no worry of cross-contamination or hidden ingredients that can cause an autoimmune flare. However, we don’t want to feel trapped at home. Many of us have loved ones spread across the globe, and there are also so many beautiful places to visit. How can we travel with confidence, and stay healthy at the same time? In this podcast episode, two of my globe-trotting AIP friends share advice for plane travel, road trips, international adventures, camping, business trips, Disneyworld and more.

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