Dr. Terry Wahls is a physician with multiple sclerosis who went from a wheelchair to a bicycle through the power of diet and lifestyle. She developed The Wahls Protocol to help everyone with autoimmune disease live their fullest and healthiest lives.

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Episode 227: Autoimmune Q&A with Terry, Sarah, and Eileen

This is a very special episode featuring two of my colleagues and friends: Dr. Terry Wahls & Dr. Sarah Ballantyne! I’ve known these wonderful women for over a decade now. They’re both powerful leaders in the autoimmune community. They are also autoimmune warriors themselves. Today, we’re doing an Autoimmune Q&A: I’ll be asking us all a series of questions about our personal experiences with autoimmune disease, and our best tips for all of you!

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Episode 196: Troubleshooting with Dr. Terry Wahls

This podcast is all about autoimmune empowerment! Making choices in our daily lives that minimize symptoms and maximize our joy in living. That said, it’s not always easy. Sometimes the habits are hard to start and hard to keep. Other times, you’re doing everything right but not seeing the results you hoped to achieve. So, today, we’re doing a troubleshooting episode with an expert guest and one of my favorite people: Dr. Terry Wahls. She is a functional medicine physician, a clinical researcher, a professor of medicine, and a fellow autoimmune warrior. In this episode, she shares her best advice for thriving with autoimmune disease and troubleshooting the obstacles we encounter along the way. We talk about motivation, family dynamics, digestion, supplements, physical therapy, personalized diets, and more!

Wahls Protocol Research Update | Phoenix Helix Podcast

Episode 145: Wahls Protocol Research Update

Most of you are familiar with Dr. Terry Wahls. She’s a physician with multiple sclerosis who reversed her symptoms dramatically, going from a wheelchair to a bicycle after implementing diet and lifestyle changes. That program is now called The Wahls Protocol and has been the subject of multiple medical studies, proving its effectiveness for others as well. In this episode, we summarize all the research, from the very first study to the current clinical trial comparing the Wahls & Swank diets for patients with MS. We also talk about a future clinical trial which will compare the Wahls Protocol to medication.

Episode 125: The Pursuit of Perfect Health with Dr. Terry Wahls

Most of you know Dr. Terry Wahls’ story. She is a physician who developed multiple sclerosis, and in spite of the best that conventional medicine had to offer, she ended up confined to a tilt-recline wheelchair. She started to research nutrition and lifestyle interventions, eventually creating The Wahls Protocol. She’s no longer in a wheelchair, and is now able to ride a bicycle to and from work. That said, she’s not cured, even though she’s often presented that way in the media. In this podcast we tackle the difficult conversation of what it means to heal, how not to compare your results to someone else’s, the difference between progress vs. perfection, and the role acceptance plays in this journey.

Episode 76: Paleo Surgery Advice with Dr. Terry Wahls and Angie Alt

Surgery can be a traumatic experience for the body – even more so for the autoimmune body – yet sometimes it’s necessary. So, how do we support our health: before, during, and afterward? There are no guarantees in life, but there are things we can do to stack the success odds in our favor. There are also ways to tap resilience when things don’t go according to plan. Dr. Terry Wahls, Angie Alt, and myself, have all had surgery while maintaining our healing diet and lifestyle. In this podcast we share our experience and tips.

Episode 75: Paleo Neurologist Q&A with Dr. Ken Sharlin | Phoenix Helix

Episode 75: Paleo Neurologist Q&A with Dr. Ken Sharlin

When you find a medical doctor that treats their patients holistically, it’s like a dream come true. Dr. Ken Sharlin believes in the power of a nutrient-dense paleo diet and lifestyle. He’s also the first functional medicine neurologist in the USA. And he understands the pros and cons of medication – when they might be needed, and when they can safely be reduced or eliminated. In this podcast, he shares his treatment tips for neurological autoimmune disease

10 Superfoods for Autoimmune Health

10 Superfoods for Autoimmune Health

Giving up processed foods and following a real-food paleo diet goes a long way to feeding our bodies for health. But we can do even more! When we choose foods that are nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, immune system regulating, and supportive of digestion at the same time, we are truly embracing food as medicine. Thankfully, when it comes to food, there are many excellent choices. Here are some of my favorites. How many of these do you eat?

Episode 51: Marriage and Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease doesn’t exist in a bubble. Its onset changes our own lives dramatically, but it also impacts our relationships. In this episode, I interview three spouses of people with autoimmune disease, including my own husband Tom, Terry Wahls’ wife Jackie, and Matthew Sinclair’s wife Petra. We talk about what it’s like to be married to someone with chronic illness, how they try to support the person they love, and how they also make sure they don’t get lost in the equation.

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Where Do Natural Sugars Fit on a Healing Diet?

Treats are a point of controversy in the paleo community. Our ancestors had limited access to sugar, natural or otherwise. Yet healing diets also need to be sustainable, and some days we just want a cookie. So, what should we do? In the autoimmune community, this is an even more important question. We aren’t following paleo to simply optimize good health; we’re trying to reverse autoimmune disease, which is infinitely harder. The truth is, our bodies behave very differently than those without autoimmune disease, and sugar can have a bigger impact on our system than the general population. In this post, I look at all aspects of this question and ask some paleo experts their opinion.

Episode 20: Ketogenic Diets with Dr. Terry Wahls and Dr. Paul Jaminet

Ketogenic diets are an ongoing source of debate in the paleo community. Some people say they are the cure for all ills. Others say they are dangerous and should be avoided. In this podcast, we take a balanced look with an interview with Dr. Terry Wahls and Dr. Paul Jaminet. Are all ketogenic diets alike? What does the science really say? Who can benefit most from ketosis? What are the cautions? If you do decide to try it, what’s the best way to make the transition? This episode will help you decide if ketosis is right (or wrong) for you.

A-Z Vegetable Recipe Roundup (Wahls + Paleo AIP)

Are you seeing some new veggies at the farmers market and wondering how to cook them? Are you stuck in a rut of eating the same ones all the time and feel ready to branch out? Vegetables are the foundation of the Paleo AIP Food Pyramid for a reason. They help our bodies detoxify, support a healthy microbiome, and contain phytonutrients you can’t find elsewhere. That’s why Dr. Terry Wahls recommends 6-9 cups daily, and Dr. Sarah Ballantyne recommends 8+ cups daily. Paleo may be famous for its meat, but most of us eat #morevegetablesthanavegetarian. Some people are overwhelmed when they hear those numbers. If that’s you, take a deep breath. I’m here to help!

Episode 07: The Wahls Protocol with Dr. Terry Wahls

This episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast is an in-depth interview with Dr. Terry Wahls, a doctor with multiple sclerosis, who went from a wheelchair to a bicycle through the power of a nutrient-dense paleo diet, called the Wahls Protocol. Today, we talk about her protocol in detail, advice for beginners, common mistakes people make, transitioning from vegetarianism, do a guided meditation, and get an update on her clinical trials. It’s a power-packed interview!

Celebrating Nutrient Density: Paleo AIP Organ Meat Recipe Roundup

Organ meats are 10-100 times more nutritious than other meats, which is why they’re so highly recommended on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. That said, I know it’s hard for beginners. You have lots of questions about toxins and concerns about taste. I answer your questions in this article, and also give you links to 30 AIP-friendly recipes! Give one a try this week.

Wahls Protocol Book Review & Author Interview

Dr. Terry Wahls is the amazing woman who reversed her MS, moving from a wheelchair to a bicycle, and developed a protocol to help others reverse autoimmune disease as well. Today’s post is a detailed review of her new book, an interview with Terry herself, and a chance for you to win a kindle copy of The Wahls Protocol.

Wahls Veggie Protocol Q&A

Dr. Terry Wahls has multiple sclerosis and went from a wheelchair to a bicycle with the help of a nutrient-dense paleo diet. She recommends we each eat 6-9 cups vegetables daily. Why are veggies so important? Do we eat them cooked or raw? Are some vegetables more nutritious than others? What if our appetite is smaller than that? Find the answers to these questions and more in this informative post.

Terry’s Healing Story (Multiple Sclerosis)

When you’re famous, like Dr. Terry Wahls, a lot of people simplify your story. Did you know that Terry has never claimed to be cured? She still has MS symptoms, just far less than before. In this interview, I ask the questions not often asked, like what symptoms still remain and what medication she’s still taking. Where the diet is hard for her, and how her family responded. I think it helps us to see the human journey beyond the hero tales. Because we’re all walking this path in real life. It’s nice to know our heroes are on the ground, right alongside us.

Comparison of 3 Healing Diets

Have you heard of the GAPS, Paleo and Wahls healing diets and wondered where they’re the same and where they’re different? I did the research and summarized it for you in this article.

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