Episode 04: Practical Tips for Getting Started

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Episode 4 of Phoenix Helix Podcast: Practical Tips for Getting Started on a Healing Diet

How to Get Started on a Healing Diet

In the last episode of the Phoenix Helix podcast, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne covered the science behind the paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP). Today’s episode is all about practical implementation.

I’m joined by two AIP experts. Both of them have used the AIP to reverse Hashimoto’s and celiac disease. Mickey Trescott is the blogger behind Autoimmune Paleo and Christina Feindel is the blogger behind A Clean Plate. Together, we share our best advice for getting started on a healing diet, how to set yourself up for success, what resources are available to help, and how to stick with the protocol when temptation hits.

Episode 4 of Phoenix Helix Podcast: Practical Tips for Getting Started on a Healing Diet

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Show Notes

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Meet Our Guests (1:13)
    • Mickey Trescott is a nutritional therapy practitioner, the blogger behind Autoimmune Paleo, and the author of the Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook. She has Hashimoto’s and celiac disease. At her worst, she lost her job, was homebound, felt faint whenever she stood up, had slurred speech, bodywide pain, and thought she was dying. Now, after 2+ years on a healing diet, she works full time, has loads of energy, feels strong and healthy, lives on a farm, and feels happy and hopeful again. Healing didn’t happen overnight – it was slow progress – and she kept a journal to mark the improvements.
    • Christina Feindel is the blogger behind A Clean Plate, the author of the meal plan: 28 Days of AIP, and host of the YouTube Channel: The Autoimmune Connection. She also has Hashimoto’s and gluten ataxia – a form of celiac disease that affects the brain and is often misdiagnosed as MS. At her worst, she lost her job and many of her friends, due to her inability to function. She had daily migraines and neurological symptoms, and eventually felt suicidal. After just 2 months on the AIP, her symptoms improved dramatically. Now, she is happy, social, energized, healthy, and has a demanding job she absolutely loves.
    • Both Mickey and Christina were vegans before going paleo, and eating meat again made a major difference in their healing.
  • Step 1: Gathering Information (15:59)
  • Step 2: Getting Support (27:14)
    • We share our personal experiences, positive and negative, regarding the support of people in our lives.
    • We talk about how our households are set up food-wise.
    • Dr. Terry Wahls finds that her patients are much more likely to succeed on a healing diet if the household agrees to keep unsafe foods out of the house.
    • However, if that’s not an option, Slightly Lost Girl has some great articles on how to live with someone who continues to eat the foods you can no longer eat.
    • Internet support groups: The Paleo Mom Community Website, Facebook Groups: Autoimmune Paleo Recipes and The Paleo Approach Community. There are also a growing number of local meet-up groups for people following the AIP, who have pages on Facebook to coordinate events. Here’s a current list.
    • Be careful of joining disease-specific groups that are not focused on healing. Often, these groups are places where people share their fears and worst symptoms, without seeking solutions. You want the groups where you’ll find inspiration, motivation and support.
  • Step 3: Saving Time in the Kitchen (43:37)
  • Step 4: Advice for Sticking With it When Temptation Hits (54:48)
    • Set yourself up for success by following the tips shared earlier in the podcast.
    • If you “fall off the paleo wagon”, don’t use it as an excuse to stay off long-term. Forgive yourself, and get back on.
    • Keep in mind the power of food over your health. You don’t want to kill yourself slowly.
    • Healing is an act of self-love; you are worth it!
  • Announcement About the Autoimmune Summit (1:00:28)
    • A free online event happening November 10-17, 2014
    • Presentations by 40 experts on reversing autoimmunity.
    • Register now, and you’ll receive an email reminder when the event goes live, and notification of each day’s topics.
  • Outro (1:01:57)

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There are three ways to listen:

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17 thoughts on “Episode 04: Practical Tips for Getting Started

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  2. I just purchased your e-book and have a question. Do you have any knowledge or experience with someone being on steriods while following the AIP diet and then trying reintroductions? I’ve been eating AIP compliant for approximately 6 months. I never tried re-introducing foods because I was never symptom free. I actually was having a flare of GPA (Wegeners) that I wasn’t able to shut down with diet only, ended up in hospital, had 2 infusion treatments and am on a prednisone taper. I likely won’t be totally off pred. until first of the year. Do you think the steroids will mask any inflammatory response that I might get from re-introducing foods?

    • It depends. Are the steroids masking your symptoms completely? If yes, it would be best to wait until after the first of the year to begin your reintros. If you still have some symptoms, then reintros now are a possibility, because you should be able to notice them increasing if you have a food intolerance reaction.

  3. Thank you very much for mentioning my AIP blog! It made me feel honored and happy 🙂
    I loved very much the practical advice from Mickey and Christina on how to live AIP day to day. The information and strategies included in this podcast are really the key for success. Thank you for another wonderful episode Eileen!

  4. Eileen, you’re the best! and thank you for all you do for autoimmune (asthma)-multiple sensitivities and leaky gut folks like me. I am ready to take the dive into the auto-protocol, but scared because each time I take carbs out (been off wheat and gluten, dairy for a while) I lose too much weight for health sake. I’m sensitive to coconut and eggs which is what I see in most AP recipes, can you assist? My doctor also told me I am prediabetic. The brain fog is a real pest! I would appreciate any assistance to see if I can sustain myself. I don’t do well with pork and beef- makes lots of mucous. Help!

    • You can do the AIP coconut-free (and it’s automatically egg-free). There’s even a new coconut-free AIP group on Facebook. As for having trouble with pork and beef, that’s usually a digestive issue that can be fixed by addressing low stomach acid. Here’s a good article on food-based digestive aids. If you’re worried about losing too much weight, I recommend the AIP weight gain shake on this page from SCDLifestyle. So, those are a few ideas to get you started. If you run into problems, or want more personalized guidance, I can recommend two great consultants: Katy Haldiman (aka The Paleo Nurse) or The Paleo Mom Consulting Team. Wishing you healing on every level!

      • Thanks so much Eileen! I will incorporate all the great stuff you have shared. I have a social sister who has RA and am sharing all this with her, especially your great story!

        • Hello Eileen, hope you are well! With this asthma, shortness of breath do you recommend stopping the pseudo grains also -rice, millet, quinoa? My experience has been that when I take them out and go for the meat and veggs, small amt. of fruit, I can’t sleep. It’s appears as if it is too light, not dense enough. As I mentioned I am sensitive to eggs and coconut. Also what’s your take on the seed oils – canola, grapeseed? Thanks for talking to me. Not being able to breathe is so stressful.

          • On the paleo diet, pseudograins and seed oil are all avoided. If you feel you need some grains to feel your best, white rice is the one that’s recommended. That can be surprising when we’ve been told for years that whole grains are healthier, but all of the anti-nutrients and gut irritants present in whole grains have been stripped from white rice. I’ve actually reintroduced white rice successfully myself. I cook it in bone broth, to add some nutrition.

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  6. I have had R.A. for years never did I know my diet could be the cause or a help to cure. Be looking forward to knowing more…

    • It’s not something most doctors believe, but it makes sense that the food we put in our bodies on a daily basis has a direct impact on our health. It made a huge difference for me and many others I know with RA. I’m glad you found the podcast!

  7. Eileen I have your book and been working with the AIP protocol for several months now, but I can’t seem to get a perfect 30 days straight. I am feeling very poorly about this and don’t know what to do to get the necessary perfection down. Perfectionism has never been my thing I guess I am a bit of a free spirit. Have you heard others who have faced the same challenge?

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