Healing Diet Details

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Healing Diet Details

An Overview of Healing Diets

The Details


Healing Diet Details | Phoenix Helix
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  1. I stumbled upon your website looking for AIP advice!! I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis a year and a half ago. I originally started on paleo and didn’t know much about the autoimmune protocol. As time went by, I noticed that I started having pain/discomfort after eating nut products. I take biologics and they have helped for a while but I guess I’m experiencing a really bad (since I feel like every joint in my body is about to explode). I am going attempt your healing foods (bone broth and soup) tomorrow. The systemic inflammation is causing me severe fatigue. I am going to try extremely hard to adhere to this AIP and see where it takes me!! Your website is very inspirational and uplifting. You give me hope for a painfree future. thank you!

    • Welcome, Stephanie. You can do this! If you haven’t yet subscribed to my blog, you can enter your email address on my blog’s sidebar, and every week you’ll receive one article from me related to dietary healing, and also the AIP Recipe Roundtable, where bloggers share AIP-friendly recipes. Also, if you’re on FB, I recommend fanning my page for more support on a daily basis, and also joining these two groups. (1) AIP Recipe Group (great place to ask for and share ideas): https://www.facebook.com/groups/204537006352096/ and (2) Paleo Approach Group (great place to get support on any question or concern you have going forward): https://www.facebook.com/groups/TPACommunity/ This is such a supportive and growing community. You are not alone.

  2. Thank you so much, Eileen, for providing such a supportive community for people looking to heal autoimmunity with diet. I have been struggling with seronegative arthritis for over 3 years and the journey has been discouraging to say the least. I’ve tried everything from gluten-free to juicing to vegan, but it has only been within the last 2 months that I have adopted a full paleo lifestyle. I experienced a profound improvement in symptoms right away, but have continued to struggle with flare-ups and GI troubles. I have since begun following AIP (1 month in) though I am still struggling with symptoms. Is it normal to keep experiencing flares despite a clean AIP diet? I realize this is a marathon, not a sprint, but how do I know if I’m on the right track or if something is still off? Again, I am so grateful to have found your blog. Phoenix Helix is a safe haven for me on my journey to wellness.

    • I think it’s normal to experience flares for a while, until your immune system has time to calm down, which can take a few months. The fact that you’re noticing improvement is a good sign. You are on the right track, for sure! As for the flares, they should be diminishing in number and intensity, until they hopefully go away altogether. The recommendation is to not do any serious troubleshooting until you’ve been AIP for 3 months. In the meantime, though, there are 3 things that are recommended to all of us to support healing: (1) Lifestyle – get regular sleep, incorporate a relaxation routine into your daily life, and get sunshine as often as possible. (2) Support your digestion. Most of us have low stomach acid, which has a domino effect of lowering our digestive enzymes overall. I eat sauerkraut before meals and kombucha after, and both support stomach acid production and healthy digestion. (3) Nutrient density. This kind of deep healing requires a lot of nutrition at a cellular level, so focus on healing foods: bone broth, organ meats, seafood, and plenty of vegetables (as wide a variety as possible). I hope this helps! Also, be sure to read Katy’s success story. She has seronegative plus digestive troubles, and her story will give you inspiration and maybe a few extra ideas for healing.

  3. Can you tell me if people ever introduce rolled oats? I have been AIP since January 2014. Improved so much! I have very slowly introduced some foods. I noticed Sara has a recipe using rolled oats in granola. I was surprised. Thank you for you emails and recipes!

  4. Very sorry. I was given wrong information. It was a recipe on Pinterest from a gluten free book from Sally not Sara. I am trying to coach someone right now. Late night is not a good time for this. That is why you are so awesome and helpful. Thank you! No oats for me!

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