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  1. I am SO grateful to have found your site. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in the past three months and am just beginning to understand that pain is NOT normal or something I just have to live with. The tips for surviving a flare are exactly what I needed to read and I am going to print and post these on the mirror to help me. God bless you and thank you! We rise!

  2. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis about 20 years ago. It is only this year I have really found the importance of the autoimmune paleo protocol and how I feel and function.

    • Hi Yohan. The philosophy of the AIP is that a real-food diet that includes quality meat and vegetables is the best way to reverse autoimmunity. For that reason, there’s no vegan version. If you are a staunch vegan, you can try The Wahls Protocol. The first level of her diet has a vegetarian option.

  3. I just found your website. Wow I feel there is hope, I was diagnosed 13 years ago with my first auto immune diseas (Behcets) that took a couple years away from me, and three years ago with Hasmitos Disease but until I started researching in the last 6 months realize there is more to Hasmitos than synthroid and deal with the rest. I went gluten free three months ago but after reading your page realize I probably need to be AIP. Feeling hopeful.

  4. I am so happy to have found your site. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 18 yrs ago and was miss treated until last fall. I also have ruematoid arthritis both are responding well to the Paleo diet and new meds. Last fall I also found out I have a severe snsitivity to wheat, eggs and blueberries. I do find it difficult to navigate the no eggs on Paleo, any suggestions?

    • Hi Anne. I’ve actually never used cocoa butter myself, but this brand gets great reviews on Amazon. P.S. For anyone reading this who’s doing the AIP, cocoa butter is excluded during the elimination period, because it’s a seed oil, but is one of the first foods you can try reintroducing.

  5. Great, thank you. I’ve been on the AIP diet for 3 months and thought I might give it a try. I have RA as well and really appreciate your insite. Thank you!

  6. Hi Eileen. I have found your website informational and inspiring. I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. For 3 to 4 months the doctors insisted all the joint pain was related to thyroid dysfunction and Hashimotos. When I thought I had Hashimotos I did a lot of research and came across your website and Mickey Trescott’s. I started the AIP protocol diet 2 months ago. I have followed it faithfully. After a month, I realized a couple of my supplements had rice flour so it has been 6 weeks since I changed supplements and stayed on strict AIP. I started out with joint pain in one finger in November 2014 and then moved to other joints in my hands and wrists, elbow and shoulders. My pain would move around and now within last 2 weeks severe burning and pain in fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips. Needless to say my symptoms have progressed rapidly. Is it unusual for symptoms to get worse on AIP? I am not on any medications and cannot take ibuprofen or any n’saids as I am allergic. I was wondering how long you have had RA and how long did it take before you saw symptoms subside going on AIP? Are there any particular supplements you are taking or would recommend? I really do not want to go on any of the recommended drugs due to the side effects and how they can damage the body in other ways. However, I have to get the inflammation down or can hurt my body in other ways and the pain is hard to deal with trying to work full time and take care of my family. Any suggestions? Should I stay on this diet and just give it more time? I appreciate your help and thoughts.

    • Hi Deanna. The AIP is a deep healing protocol, and that takes time. People heal at different rates. While some can avoid medication, many combine the AIP with medication in the beginning, and then reduce their dose as their symptoms begin to subside. I don’t think living with severe burning pain is healthy. It’s highly stressful, and stress causes leaky gut and autoimmune flares, so you can get caught in a vicious cycle. Here are my recommendations:

      • I wrote an article on the Top 5 Mistakes People Make on the AIP. Check it out, just to see if any apply to you.
      • The supplements I have found most helpful have been Saventaro and Curcumin. Saventaro is AIP-friendly, but there is no bio-available curcumin that’s AIP friendly, unfortunately. I tolerate white rice well, so I take Life Extension‘s brand, which is patented to absorb well. Another option is to take one with black pepper, which increases curcumin’s absorption rate as well.
      • Finally, read this article by Emily at Field Notes on Healing: On Finding What Works. She has RA and chose to go on a mild immunosuppressant, and feels much better for it. While we all want to be medication-free, sometimes a combination of diet and the mildest choice for medication, is what works best.

      Gentle hugs to you!

  7. Thank you for a wealth of knowledge you share, and thank you for giving us many suggestions to get us on track in one convenient place, will be purchasing … Nice to know you agree!

  8. Hi. I was so happy to find this site 🙂 I am newly diagnosed with RA and a fellow massage therapist practicing in NY …searching for lots of resources. Thank you for the wealth of info. I have been struggling with exhaustion and adrenal fatigue and haven’t been able to put it all together. Your site is extremely helpful and its also very encouraging to learn how you have remained in practice<3

  9. Dear Eileen,
    I want to support your site in way so here are a few Amazon questions. Once I have bought products through you, are re-purchases credited to you automatically when included in another order or do I have to go back to your site and order from there? Can I add other items on an order linked from your site to make up free shipping? If I have been a customer of your meat and fish supplier already can I link from your site? If I want the four blade model of your favorite spiralizer will you still get credit? I hope that’s all. Thanks.

    • Hi Barbara. You are so sweet to ask these questions. In order for me to get a commission through Amazon, you need to click on an Amazon link from my website each time. They don’t store that information for future purchases. However, once you click on one of my Amazon links, anything else you put in your cart for that order also applies to my commission (and doesn’t raise your price at all. Amazon simply shares their profit with me.) So, you can click the 3-blade spiralizer for example, and choose to purchase the 4-blade instead, and I’ll still get that commission. As for the meat and fish suppliers, some vendors store my affiliate code and some don’t. So, the best thing to do is click from here whenever you make a new purchase, and that way I’m assured the commission. I really appreciate your support and your thoughtfulness.

  10. I am just getting my feet wet with the AIP diet. I plan to go all out in January. I have menierre’s disease , hypothyroid and the worst of all myasthenia gravis. I have not seen anything that specifically links MG and the AIP. I figured since it is an autoimmune disease that it may help. I will have to start out with the diet and medication. I have to take the meds to function currently. I just hope to feel stronger and more able to do things . I am glad I found your website. I also have The Paleo Mom and Mickey Trescots’s cookbook for beginning the AIP diet.

  11. Hi Eileen. I’m not sure how else to contact you, but I am not thrilled with the AIP instantpot cookbook. It’s not that the food doesn’t look delicious, I was just hoping it had a meal plan example in it. I’m very unorganized with two little boys and a full-time job and don’t want to spend the time sitting and making out a week worth of meals and the grocery list. Is it possible I can receive a refund? I just purchased about an hour ago. Thank you.

    • Hi Carrie. I just sent you a refund through Paypal. Please delete your copy of the Instant Pot Cookbook. If you’re looking for meal plans, I recommend the 28 Days of AIP Series, and also the online subscription service: Real Plans (they have AIP recipes). None of these meal plans are for the Instant Pot, but they will do the organizing for you with other cooking methods.

  12. hello im Esther 45 years old diagnosted with parkinson s disease i will give AIP a try…because its horrible to live with the pain that i have…did you know the e mail address from the woman on your site who recovered? maybe i can sent her a mail how she did it..hope you can help me, thx

    • Hi Esther. I interviewed Barbara in podcast episode 30. While I can’t give out her contact information, I will forward your email to her. Hopefully she will get in touch with you directly. In the meantime, welcome to the healing diet community! Take advantage of the resources available on this website to help you learn more. Barbara is doing The Wahls Protocol. Here’s a series of articles on that protocol specifically: Wahls Protocol Series. Wishing you wellness in every way!

  13. Hi there! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune disease, pre diabetes and hypoglycemia about two years ago. I started lots of different meds and bio identical hormones and am finally starting to feel somewhat normal. I eat really healthy and mostly paleo. Sugar being my only issue but still only have stevia,xylitol or coconut sugar. My biggest issue is still the inability to lose weight. No matter how healthy I eat or how much I exercise my weight will only come down a pound or two then jumps right back up again overnight. It’s so frustrating! Do you know if doing AIP will reset my metabolism? Can you tell me the best way to get started? I’m really desperate to improve my health and heal my body. Thank you!

    • Hi Kristy. The AIP isn’t a guaranteed weight loss diet. Some people lose weight and others don’t, and it seems to depend on how much of the weight problem is related to inflammation as opposed to other compounding factors. I do know that the sugar substitutes you are eating (which aren’t allowed on the AIP) can have negative effects on hormone balance, blood sugar regulation and metabolism. Sarah Ballantyne (author of The Paleo Approach) says that you can’t cheat sugar. This article explains more:

      • Thank you so much for responding. I will check out the article. It’s so hard to deal with all the issues. I just want to be normal like everyone else around me

  14. Hi Eileen! Thanks for all of your awesome posts and podcasts! They are extremely helpful to me. Could you please recommend a high quality balsamic vinegar? I thought you may have in the past but I can’t find it or remember what it was. Thank you!

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