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When it comes to reversing autoimmune disease, food is the foundation. Below you’ll find articles to help harness the power of food as medicine. If you’re an audio learner, I have a great podcast as well. And I also have some delicious recipes for you! If you’re new to the idea of a healing diet, start here.

Wahls Veggie Protocol Q&A

Dr. Terry Wahls has multiple sclerosis and went from a wheelchair to a bicycle with the help of a nutrient-dense paleo diet. She recommends we each eat 6-9 cups vegetables daily. Why are veggies so important? Do we eat them cooked or raw? Are some vegetables more nutritious than others? What if our appetite is smaller than that? Find the answers to these questions and more in this informative post.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Coconut

Coconut is the darling of the paleo community, offering flour to bake with, oil to cook with, milk as a dairy alternative, and the meat itself as a recommended snack. So, what makes it so special? Find out in this in-depth post, along with a recipe for homemade coconut milk.

Would the Real Olive Oil Please Stand Up?

When you start eating for your health, you begin to watch labels closely. But what happens when the labels aren’t telling the truth? Olive oil fraud has become so rampant that an entire book has been written about it. In this article, I share which brands passed and failed authenticity testing, dispel some commonly believed myths about olive oil, and teach you how to find the real thing.

Sample Menus for Paleo, AIP, GAPS & Wahls Diets

When you first read up on healing diets, it can be hard to imagine what to eat, since so many of your old foods are off the table. Here, I give sample menus for the Paleo, Wahls and GAPS Diets.

Comparison of 3 Healing Diets

Have you heard of the GAPS, Paleo and Wahls healing diets and wondered where they’re the same and where they’re different? I did the research and summarized it for you in this article.

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