Apple Cinnamon Gummy Candies

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Apple Cinnamon Gummy Candies | Phoenix Helix

“Fun is Good.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Candy that’s Fun & Healthy

Most of us on healing diets didn’t grow up in a bubble, which means we enjoyed our fair share of candy (and in my case, far more than my share.) On a recent Paleo View podcast, Mira Calton confessed to a former swedish fish addiction. Me? I worked at Hickory Farms in college and spent most of my paycheck on their bulk bins of gummy bears. The joy of candy isn’t just its taste, it’s the fun of it: the shape, the texture, the feel, and the flavor. My taste buds have changed. I don’t crave candy any more and frankly, I wouldn’t touch store-bought gummy bears with a 10 foot pole, but the little girl in me can still appreciate their appeal.

Apple Cinnamon Gummy Candies | Phoenix Helix

I created this recipe for the Paleo Parents Halloween Roundup. Kids will love them, because they have that gummy bounce where they’re soft enough to squeeze, but then bounce right back to their original shape. Parents will love them, because they’re made with natural ingredients, including the superfood gelatin, and they only take minutes to make. Plus, they’re delicious, which pleases one and all.



3 Tbsp. unflavored gelatin
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 cup apple juice
1 Tbsp. raw honey


  1. In a small saucepan, whisk the gelatin and cinnamon together until evenly blended.
  2. Add the apple juice and turn heat to medium. Whisk until there are no lumps.
  3. When the mixture starts to warm, add the honey and whisk well.
  4. If the mixture thickens up too fast, don’t worry, the heat will liquefy it again.
  5. Pour into a glass measuring cup, for easy pouring into a silicone candy mold. I use this heart-shaped silicone mold, but if you don’t have one, pour into any small container. A loaf pan is a good size.
  6. Pop in the freezer for 15 minutes. Then remove from the freezer, pop out of your mold, and hand one to your favorite child (or your own inner child).
  7. If you used a loaf pan, press down on the center to be sure it’s solid. Freeze a little longer, if necessary. Then, use a spatula to gently loosen the gummy sheet from the bottom of the pan. Lift it out in one piece and place it on a cutting board. Cut into squares & serve!
  8. Once gelled, they’ll hold their shape at room temperature, but for a longer shelf life, keep them in the fridge.

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Apple Cinnamon Gummy Candies | Phoenix Helix
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43 thoughts on “Apple Cinnamon Gummy Candies

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  2. These are not only delicious-looking BUT SO DARN CUTE! I’ve got gelatin on hand and want to make these – but need to order molds. Thanks so much for giving directions on making in a loaf pan. I’ve got to do this for my kiddos.

    Great recipe, Eileen!

  3. Fun IS good, and those little gummies look very good. I don’t have a silicone mold, but I think I may just take the plunge and get one for you candy recipes. Thanks for sharing them.

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  6. Just picked up a pint of organic apple cider from the farm. Do you think it would work in place of the apple juice? Can’t wait to make these for my little one! 🙂

  7. These are so adorable and I was surprised to see how easy they are to make! I’m going to do this for my littlest, she has a real sweet tooth. Pinning now. I found your post from Poor and Gluten Free’s Waste not Want not party.

  8. Is the honey just for sweetening or for thickening too? I would love to make these without the honey if possible. I have some homemade grape juice that would be yummy too! Ooh and pineapple juice for sweetener, yum 🙂

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    • Hi Sam. I haven’t. I like honey, and it’s an incredibly small amount per candy (1/5 of a teaspoon). Gelatin has a way of absorbing flavors, and other recipes I’ve tried with only juice always tasted a little flat to me. That’s just my preference, though. Feel free to adapt the recipe to your taste!

  10. Are there other flavour combinations we can use? I’m sure other clear fruit juices would work, wouldn’t they? Apple isn’t our favourite flavour for juice here, but the grand-kids absolutely LOVE gummie candies!

    Thanks very kindly!

    • Yes, feel free to substitute your favorite juice(s). You might need to adjust the honey up or down, depending on the sweetness of the juice. The technique will be the same, though.

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  15. I made these last night and they were a HUGE hit with kids and adults alike! I am going to try them today with some different flavors.

    Our family wasn’t strictly paleo, but we did eat a pretty clean diet (as much as possible) .. my husband has struggled with digestive and joint issues for years, and was recently diagnosed with RA after a severe flare. We are now trying strict AIP to heal his gut and your blog is a wonderful inspiration! So glad I found it.

    • I’m glad they were a hit! I taught a paleo cooking class a few months ago, and one of the moms brought her daughter along. She was a great little chef, and a far better eater than I was at her age (she ate everything we cooked from kale to cauliflower). But she absolutely lit up when we finished the class making these gummies. There’s something magical about making healthy and delicious candy at home.

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  18. I have been strict AIP (have RA) since May and my friend/coworker wanted to make me a special Christmas treat for me. She made these gummies and WOW! They are delicious! I will definitely be making these on my own in the future. Thanks for the great recipe, Eileen!


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    • I don’t think so, Lisa. that’s not enough moisture to dissolve the gelatin. I would wait and add apple juice to your grocery list.

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