50 Low-Sugar Paleo AIP Dessert Recipes

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“One of the reasons that our eating challenges tend to persist is that we’re still learning the lessons that they’re here to teach us.”
~ Marc David

Natural Sugars are Still Sugar

Honey, maple syrup, and dried fruit may not be refined, but our bodies still process them as sugar. Sometimes we forget this when we’re following a healing diet. We scan an ingredient list, and if it’s on the “yes” list, we think we can eat as much as we want. Not so! Too much sugar in any form is inflammatory, which is why the leaders of the paleo community warn against eating too much. So, this recipe roundup is designed to help us make healthier choices when our sweet tooth beckons. Every recipe on this list has just one tablespoon (or less) added sugar per serving. And here’s another secret: for many of us, the less sugar we eat, the less we crave. Our taste buds begin to change, until simple fresh fruit starts to taste decadently delicious.

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Baked, Sautéed, and Dipped Fruit

Honey Brûléed Grapefruit from Heal Me Delicious
Oven-Baked Ginger Pears from Little Bites of Beauty
Grilled Pineapple from Hot Pan Kitchen
Southern Fried Apples from Phoenix Helix
Easy Baked Peaches from 50 Shades of Avocado
Carob-Dipped Strawberries from Wendi’s AIP Kitchen

Cakes and Rolls

“Chocolate” Cake from A Clean Plate
“Chocolate” Mug Cake from Don’t Eat the Spatula
Cinnamon Rolls from Heal Me Delicious
Strawberry Shortcake from Unbound Wellness
Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes from AngelSlice
Pear and Parsnip Teacake from Healing Family Eats

Cookies and Donuts

Fruit Cookies from Little Bites of Beauty
Crispy Cinnamon Thin Cookies from A Squirrel in the Kitchen
Vanilla Shortbread Cookies from Wendi’s AIP Kitchen
Lemon Glazed Blueberry Donuts from Heal Me Delicious
Apple Cider Donuts from 50 Shades of Avocado
Pumpkin Pie Donut Holes from Unbound Wellness

Fudge, Truffles, and Bark

“Chocolate” Fudge from A Squirrel in the Kitchen
Lemon Coconut Fudge from Zesty Paleo
“Chocolate” Orange Truffles from Thriving Autoimmune
“Chocolate” Peppermint Coconut Truffles from It’s All About AIP
“Chocolate” Bark Candy from Food Courage
Peppermint Bark from Unbound Wellness


Apple Cinnamon Gummy Candies from Phoenix Helix
Raspberry Mango Gummies from Joanna Frankham
Anti-Inflammatory Tart Cherry Gels from Hypothyroid Chef
Sour Blueberry Gummies from Lichen Paleo, Loving AIP
Probiotic Gummy Bears from Two Gnomes Table
Sweet n’ Sour Hibiscus Ginger Gummies from A Squirrel in the Kitchen

Ice Cream, Popsicles, and Sorbet

Ice Cream Truffles from Meatified
Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream from Zesty Paleo
Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet from Fresh Tart
No-Churn Roasted Nectarine and Lavender Sorbet by Sweet Treats
Kombucha Berry Popsicles from Phoenix Helix
Watermelon Strawberry Water Kefir Popsicles from Happy Gut
Greensicles from The Paleo Mom

Puddings, Parfaits, and Whips

Banana Cream Pie Parfait from Food By Mars
Meyer Lemon Fluff from Healing Family Eats
Carob Ganache Mini Tortes from The Paleo Mom
Carob Avocado Mousse from Sweet Treats
Apple Pie Pudding from Meatified
Ginger Whipped Coconut Cream with Pomegranates from Kari Owens

Pies, Galettes, Cobbler, and Crumbles

Salted “Chocolate” Cream Pie from Grazed and Enthused
Coconut Cream Pie from Primal Palate
Mixed Berry Galettes from Heal Me Delicious
Peach Apple Galette from Little Bites of Beauty
Peach Cobbler from Our Grain-Free Life
Tigernut Berry Crumble from Food and Sunshine
Apple Crisp from Lichen Paleo Loving AIP

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This recipe roundup was first published in 2017 but is updated annually. Last update 9/7/23.

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