Celebrating My New Book: A Simple Guide to the AIP!

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“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”
~ Albert Einstein

Happy New Year!

Ever since I started the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol 3 years ago, I’ve wanted to write a book to make it easier to understand and do correctly. AIP resources have exploded in the past few years, but one was still missing.

My Vision for the Book

  • All the essential information in a package small enough to fit in your purse or backpack.
  • Simple enough that even someone with brain fog can understand.
  • Written like a conversation between friends.
  • Available in paperback and kindle versions.

What It Contains

Table of Contents

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What People Are Saying

“My mother, mother-in-law and myself all had autoimmune disease, which is why I’ve been trying to educate people about the power of the Paleo AIP for decades. It’s personal. This book is the ultimate get-started guide in an easy-to-read package. Leave your excuses at the curb, buy this book and change your life today.”
~ Robb Wolf, New York Times Bestselling author of The Paleo Solution

“A Simple Guide to the Autoimmune Protocol delivers on its promise by presenting the dos and dont’s of the AIP while focusing on practical implementation rather than complex science….It’s the perfect tool for anyone who wants to learn about and get started on the AIP as quickly and painlessly as possible.”
~ Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Approach, The Paleo Approach Cookbook, and The Healing Kitchen

“What a fantastic new resource for newcomers to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol! Eileen clearly lays out everything that you need to know about the AIP in an easy to read manner that feels like a conversation with a friend – one who really understands and is there for you every step of the way. This book goes beyond food, gently guiding you through both the practical and emotional elements of adopting the AIP in a way that will leave you feeling inspired instead of overwhelmed!”
~ Rachael Bryant, author of Nourish: A Paleo AIP Healing Cookbook

“In this book, Eileen boils down a whole new way to restore your health. All the basic steps, from diet to lifestyle, are covered with an easy-to-read, practical approach. Stop sifting through mountains of complex information and say goodbye to the old way of living with autoimmune disease! Eileen has created your essential guide!”
~ Angie Alt, author of The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook

“Eileen deeply understands the process of healing from autoimmunity, and this simple guide is bound to be a lifesaver for anyone looking for a practical starting place.”
~ Mickey Trescott, bestselling author of The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Get Your Copy Today

Update: A giveaway was held to celebrate the publication of this book, and the winners were chosen with a random number generator. Congratulations to Carol S. who won the USA Giveaway, and Ann-Charlotte who won the International Giveaway! If you didn’t win, don’t despair. You can purchase your copy through the links above.

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194 comments on “Celebrating My New Book: A Simple Guide to the AIP!”

  1. Last year my resolution was starting AIP. Now, a year into AIP my resolution is to work on managing my stress better. I have been very successful in other aspects, I’ve been getting adequate sleep, exercising, and eating well. But for me managing my stress has been the most difficult part of AIP.

  2. I want to commit to AIP to treat my SS and inflammatory myositis so that I hopefully won’t have to do DMARD when I wean off prednisone! I like your blog very much! Thank you!!

  3. Thanks for the giveaway, Eileen! I haven’t made a hard fast resolution this year but I’m starting several personal challenges in the following week or so. I am re-focusing on the AltShift Diet which I’ve seen good results from in the first few rounds. I’m starting Suzanne Bowen’s 12 week New Year’s Challenge after several months not practicing her amazing barre workouts… and I’m going to do Sarah Ballentyne’s GoToBed Challenge. If anything, I am resolved to see these challenges as guided progression toward my goals and not as having defined end dates.

  4. Have been paleo for awhile and now just venturing into AIP. So appreciate your blog and I just bought the book and looking forward to learning more. This kitchen tool looks amazing!

  5. I’ve made a commitment to better health this year. Having both type 1 diabetes and hashimotos, it’s super important that I take care of myself.

  6. Before 2016 I’ve never really made resolutions, although I encourage my kids to every year. This year is my year! I’ve been following the AIP for treatment since my RA diagnosis almost 2 years ago. I’m able to follow the diet with minimal issue, my biggest problem is making time for the other aspects of healing – destress, meditation, and time for myself. I have 6 children and a homestead and a husband who is gone at work for 2 weeks at a time so “me time” is very hard to come by. I’m thinking your new book and a tool like the Instant Pot will help, a lot. Cooking my foods, plus “regular ” meals for some family members plus a separate menu for a couple of kiddos with food allergies is exhausting to be honest. I’d really love a shortcut to free up even just a few minutes of my time.

  7. I want this year to be the year I become better at taking care of myself. I’m going to focus on doing less, relaxing more, becoming more proactive about my health, and not being so hard on myself.

  8. My resolution is to be with peace. I can carve out times just to be but am restless. When I told my husband my resolution I said I wanted to learn to rest in peace. ..a little macabe! Haha

  9. Book looks exciting! The AIP can be a little confusing to start, so having an easy to understand book would be awesome. I’ve made so many mistakes trying to be AIP compliant!

  10. I have dabbled with AIP recipes…but for 2016 we are ready to go all out for healing for our daughter and increased health benefits for the rest of us! We do not have ‘diagnosed AI’ but issues to improve on such as joint pain, headaches, fatigue etc. you blog has been a very helpful resource for us….so many topics. But I still would love additional knowledge to be sure we are on the right track……can’t wait to get your book! And the Instant Pot would be a great addition to my kitchen……I am eager to try it…..thanks for ALL that you do!!

  11. I usually don’t do New Years Resolutions but I believe I can/will stick to a Health First resolution!
    Thanks for the opportunity in your giveaway!

      1. Oh wow! I am beyond excited! It’s Christmas again!
        Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
        I am going to go sit down and breath now!
        Thanks again!

  12. My new years resolution is to keep living. I am 57 year old woman with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, with mets to my bones. I am trying to make the best food choices possible and trying to make the best of my situation! <3

  13. I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but I am always pursuing individual changes to adapt my family’s diet to build long-life health!

  14. Hello Eileen, Oh how I love your podcast and listen to it multiple times a day. I always learn new things each time I listen, which confirmed that I’ll learn a lot from your new book. Your blog has been an incredible resource for recipes, support, understanding, and much more. You don’t come off as condescending and that is a real blessing to many with autoimmune disease, as those pf us with brain function issues are often looked down upon. Thank you for this new book and for your podcast it has definitely carried me through some hard times in my disease process. The podcasts and information on your page have been enough for me to understand but not too hard to understand and times of brain fog like right now. Thank you for doing what you do and helping those of us who need the information.

  15. While I do make resolutions and set goals throughout the year, the new year is a perfect time to implement new things to go along with the new year…like a new wardrobe for the new season. This year, I am taking care of this old bod of mine. AIP eating, exercise, stressing less, having more fun, and loving on all my family members including the furry ones. Yeah!

  16. I don’t make New Years Resolutions, per say. I feel like those are so often broken before January is over that if I’m trying something new (and I’ve recently started one) I even try to start before New Years just so I don’t feel like I’m following the crowd. 😀 Thank you!

  17. Phyllis Freshour

    While I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions anymore, I did evaluate how I have done with AIP this past year and realized I need to be 100% gluten free (no cheats). And thank you for your podcasts, I have just started listening to them and I find them educational and encouraging. Thank you for caring about all of us out here!

  18. My #1 New Years resolution is to meal plan so that I don’t blindly walk into the grocery store and hope that I buy enough food for the week!

  19. Love to see this…still struggling a lot to figure out my safe foods and increase their numbers…I have the Instant Pot and keep needing more guidelines how to use it, Happy you are so far down this hard path!

  20. I didn’t make a resolution but did start following habits that I knew would be healthy for my body and spirit–Paleo eating, moving toward AIP shortly, exercising daily, and being outside more. Eating vitamin-dense foods. I hope all of your new years have started well!

  21. My resolution is to start the Wahls Protocol. I ordered the book today. Thanks for providing such wonderful resources and recipes!

  22. After I had my 2nd, Hashi’s struck and I have been working on my gut and stress ever since. It’s time to go AIP and I’m scared, but I also know how far I’ve come and it can only get even better from here! Bring it on and I’m so excited for your new book!

  23. I did and I didn’t ..its more of a promise to myself. I vowed to treat myself life I treat others..with kindness,patience and respect.

  24. Eileen, I’m so happy for your wellness, and the publication of your new book! I was at an eye glasses store tonight and the owner got to talking and shared that he has Ulcerative Colitus. I asked him if he was familiar with the AIP protocol and he is not. Next week I’m going to take him a copy of your book. 🙂 Fresh lifetime resolution ~ always more gratitude….so many blessings which no dis-ease can undo. Wishing everyone here, and every where, wellness inside and out in this one beautiful life we all share in. <3

  25. Rebecca Nicodemus

    I’m not calling it a New Years resolution but I wanted to be more strict after the holidays. I have been AIP for almost a year for RA and no successful introductions so I’m doing a whole 30/scd/low fodmop aip to see if I’m having problems with any of that stuff while being more nutrient dense and some new supplements for gut dysbiosis. I have always loved your website and round table recipes! They have been a great resource, congratulations on your new book!

  26. My new year resolution is to stay consistent. I tend to do realkky well balancing everything in my life and then crash and burn. I’m taking steps to figure out how to mage everything more evenly.

  27. My resolution… To find more joy, abundance, create more time for fun, and to stay on track with my AIP meal plans to keep my fibromyalgia under control. (I even created a facebook group to share recipes and info for family and friends to join and support one another)

  28. Starting AIP, finding ways to handle stressful situations with peace, calm, and not taking on other people’s stress, and finally to sleep more! Those are my most important resolutions.

  29. I love your site, your books, your podcast, your facebook contributions…. You have changed my life Eileen!
    It’s not specifically because of the New Year, but I resolve to fight for my life! Things began to change when I admitted “I want to live”, instead of just living underneath everything, complaining about everything, resigning myself to marking time until I die.

  30. My New Year’s Resolution, or goal, is to cook more and use less convenience items from EarthFare or Trader Joe’s

  31. My resolution, more like a goal, is to get my sleep cycle under control. Right now I’m laying in bed for hours before I fall asleep, and the sleep I do get is choppy at best. It’s having a detrimental effect on my day-to-day actions.

  32. I am disabled from a car accident and dealing with multiple health problems. My resolution is: Don’t give up. If today got you down, try again tomorrow.

  33. Congratulations on your new book, Eileen! You are going to help so many people with your work. This year I am taking a step backward for a very good cause. I, along with my husband and 13 year old daughter have gone back to 100% introductory AIP to help my 17 year old newly diagnosed daughter ease into the protocol. I have successfully re-introduced many foods after 18 months of AIP, but I know it would have been so much easier if I’d had companions on the journey. So, we packed up any non-perishables that will last till summer and finished up all the non-AIP perishables and started clean at the beginning of the new year. I feel so much pressure to teach her so much in a short time because she’ll be living in a university residence next fall. I know she’ll benefit from this book even though she has watched me on my 8 year autoimmune journey. I would love to hear from others who have tried to eat AIP while living in a university dorm (she’ll have access to a full kitchen). Many thanks!

      1. Thank you, Eileen! I think that podcast deserves a re-listen now that it has more relevance in my life, and I will definitely pass it along to her. I know it will be a challenge for her to be away from home for the first time, keeping up with her program and being diligent about her sleep and nutrition. She’s never been in the least bit interested in cooking. Thanks for all the support you provide. It is appreciated more than you can imagine!

    1. Good luck Lee-Anne to your daughter! How wonderful you all are sharing in the nuts and bolts of this together. United we stand. <3

      1. Thank you for the encouragement, Alice! I’ve always struggled with being 100% compliant in the past, but now that we are all in it together I honestly feel very satisfied and fulfilled. I know that being there to show my daughter how do-able this temporary, although probably long-term commitment is has given me a new appreciation of it. I’m especially proud of my husband and 13 year old daughter who are almost fully compliant when at home (she just can’t give up eggs!). It’s made it so much easier since the pantry is AIP. Thanks for your encouragement!

  34. I just survived open heart surgery in late November (mitral valve replacement from rheumatic fever damage in childhood). I spent New Year’s being grateful and happy to be alive. No resolutions required this year.

  35. One of my new year’s resolutions is to use the AIP and the knowledge available thanks to you and other amazing bloggers, authors and functional practitioners to get on top of my autoimmune issues and be able to enjoy the life I want to live, with more energy, more joy, less pain.

  36. Oh, your blog and roundups are so helpful and I’m amazed at all you do. Declutter everything this year: my house, my mind, my body. Tired of moving piles to get to piles, tired of being tired. Need to refocus and do AIP with more diversity (loved everything coconut at first and now gag at it). Can’t wait to read your book–congrats on accomplishing that too!

  37. I had RA due to Lyme Disease for 2 years. I have recovered but my joints are shot( especially my knees). My Christmas present and New Year resolution is to join a gym….not sure how to eat for the rest of my life though( ie, do I need to go AIP so nothing reoccurs, etc)
    Congrats on the book and thanks for the awesome giveaway! I would LOVE an instant pot…sooooo tired of my cooking:/

  38. My new years resolution is to minimize my dietary slip-ups and be more determined in dealing with my RA through the AIP. Eileen, I love your podcast/website and I am looking so forward to reading your book. Thank you for all you do!

  39. A very HUGE congratulations to you on your new book! I spelled my name wrong in the rafflecopter! DUH.. It’s actually Kathleen. (slap forehead!)

  40. I lost my mom when I was almost 14, and my grandmother suffers from multiple health issues. I believe we all suffer from undiagnosed hashimotos disease. I want to change my outcome, I don’t want to end up like my mother. I have three children that need me so I want to fix me. I was taught the wrong way to eat my whole life and I need to teach my children healthy habits. I just turned 27 today so it’s a time for change!

    1. Yay for you, Lacey. One of my big regrets is that I can’t go back and raise my kids on a better diet, but I did what I knew to do at the time.

  41. I like to set goals each year (I guess like a new year’s resolution) that have several areas I want to focus on. My biggest one for 2016 is Self-Care. I was already working on this in 2015 but really want to continue on as it seems to have almost a big of an impact as food does to my healing. So I plan to make time for myself and my healing with regular detox baths, ease back into yoga (since I rarely have muscle pain now! yay!), work on meditating, work on moving from a weekly meal plan to planning 2 weeks at a time and adding more vegetables in daily. I also set financial, personal development, and marriage/relationship goals each year.

  42. I have been with you since the beginning of my journey. You were the first site I stumbled upon when I googled “anti-inflammatory” diet and I hit gold. I recommend your site to every newbie on FB who is looking for startup info. I would love this book for my daughter who is having AI issues, but, is hesitant to start.

  43. I am so excited to read your book and get started on the healing path! Thank you so much for this blog, and now your book, to share your knowledge and help so many people who suffer with autoimmune disease. Resolution will be to stick with it! Thank you so much!

  44. I’ve only started making resolutions the last few years- but the key for me is to make them not so specific. I always fail at things like “I’m going to work out 30 minutes every day!” But I succeed with “I’m going to choose to be healthy”.

    This year I will choose to be strong. To not avoid the things that stress or frustrate me, but to step back and say, “what can I do to solve this?” Starting with your excellent book! Thanks very much for making AIP so approachable!

  45. My New Years resolution is to get the family on board to healthy eating, especially my husband. I know this book would help my husband.

  46. My New Years resolution is to get rid of clutter and organize paperwork so I can find what I need when I need it.

  47. I know I wrote my resolution but I am not seeing it. So I am writing it again. I am doing random acts of kindness everyday for 2016. Yesterday I gave bought a meal at wendy’s and gave it to a young man holding a sign that said “homeless, anything will help”. Today I paid the postage for a woman trying to send a package out but was busy aiding to her child running around the post office. It’s a great feeling!!

  48. The book is great news! I’ve been 90% AIP for over a year and have seen miraculous improvements in my psoriasis. I’m sharing your website with my Rheumatologist, hoping he’s impressed enough with my improvement to recommend AIP to others. Cross your fingers!

  49. I need to lose weight, but on top of that, I just want to be HEALTHY. I’ve tried so many things, and I never get that energy and feeling of “wellness” that everyone else in my life seems to rave about. Even if I lose weight, I’m still exhausted, foggy, forgetful, etc. all the time. This would be a great resource!

  50. Hello Eileen
    I have been grain/nightshade free and mostly paleo for over a yr now and was under the impression that a seed ie quinoa and wild rice were acceptable. Your list is a tad confusing for me. I’ve also not eaten red meat for more than 25 yrs and the gagme thought keeps me from exploring it ever again. I’m still experiencing osteoarthritis in both thumbs and through my sciatic area. I do drink a glass of wine each evening and my organic coffee every morning. Not quite sure what’s next in order to sort me out. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Hi Anne marie. Quinoa and wild rice are considered pseudo-grains because they have a similar negative effect on digestion, so they aren’t recommended as part of the paleo diet. White rice is the one exception that some people make. However, this books focuses on the AIP which is an elimination diet that is temporarily more restrictive – no seeds at all, no alcohol, no coffee, etc. You can see an overview of the AIP in this article, and the book goes over everything in detail. Wishing you wellness in 2016!

  51. After being mostly AIP for about a year, and feeling much better, my next focus is managing stress and time, step one being reducing amount of time on the internet and spending more time doing things that are nourishing for my soul.

  52. I’m excited to have all this information in one place. I coach people to health and this book sounds like it will be a great help to me and others that I coach!

  53. I am so excited for you and for me to have this tool in my bag. My diagnosis seems to get worse each time I go to the doctor so I have made my resolution to make AIP my way of wasting for the rest of my life. No more I am feeling god so I. Will eat this or I am tired I will eat this

  54. My New Year’s resolution would be to S-L-O-W down. 2015 was a very stressful year for me and my family especially losing my mom. I plan on giving myself the gift(s) of more leisurely walks, watching more sunrises and sunsets, spending more time in my garden this summer, playing with my grandchildren, listening to my favorite Christian music, reading the Bible, and praying more.

  55. I am looking forward in 2016 to getting back into AIP 100%. The holidays have brought much cheating and associated symptoms. I hate feeling like crap yet am hopeless at saying no to trigger foods when they are in my face. I also plan on working on a regular meditation “schedule” and sleep. I did well with food in 2015 but recognize this is not all AIP IS.

  56. To strive to better health, which will include less stress, eating healthier, regular exercise, and more quality family time!!! Congrats on the book!!

  57. My goal this year is to continue with the AIP diet,less stressing,more sleep,more walking & yoga, and hopefully with that combination I’ll see improvement and/or full remission of my autoimmune diseases.

  58. This year, I want to make this more of a lifestyle. Find what really works for me…sleep, exercise, food, fun, and stick with it. I’ve learned so much already. Now I’m ready to dial it in.

    1. Ann-Charlotte, you won the International Giveaway, which means you have my ebook and some meal plans coming your way! I just sent you an email.

  59. To follow the AIP more stringently, and to maintain ways to lower my stress (meditation, yoga, acupuncture). Congrats on the book!

  60. To keep a written copy of all positives in my life for 2016 and read them on New Years eve 2016. It will show me what a great year I have had.

  61. My resolutions are many, maybe Ill complete a few. Eating well is at the top of my list, along with knitting my first sweater. Im having a lot of symptoms and am hoping AIP will help. Happy New Year!

  62. I do not make resolutions. When I made the decision to make a change I just went for it. I do make daily, weekly, and monthly assessments to determine how things are working. When making a lifestyle change it doesn’t start and stop by turning the page on the calendar. Thank you for the opportunity to win your new book and your favorite kitchen tool!

  63. My New Year’s resolution is eat healthy to get healthy! I was on the Paleo diet a few years ago, but fell off the wagon. Now I’m going to try getting back up, and I really want to end up AIP! I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, so eating right is important for me. 🙂

  64. My resolution is to remain 100% on AIP for at least 12 weeks before reintroducing any foods, or before quitting. It’s so challenging to be 100% compliant, 100% of the time. But it does work, I know! Thanks for this opportunity, and for all the information on your blog and podcasts.

  65. Thank you, Ms Laird. Your book looks quite useful.
    Like everyone I suppose, I find that deciding to make behavioral changes is much easier than actually changing.

    Are there helpful keys to succeeding in changing our behavior to improve our health?

  66. My resolution is commit to following AIP better this year. I have tried in the past, but am ready to do this more consistently, plus meditate and take more time for myself.

  67. I can’t wait to read your new book. Thanks for all you do for the AIP community. No resolutions (empty promises) this year, just action.

  68. My New Years resolution is to make more time for myself and allowing myself to truly relax. That has been my biggest struggle with this journey.

  69. My resolution is to be the healthiest me possible. That means making choices in every part of my life to reflect my end goals of keeping my psoriatic arthritis in check.

  70. My resolution is to take more time to think before I react to my children’s decisions (basically, yell less!) and to follow AIP. I have been loosely trying to follow AIP but really need to be more mindful to help alleviate joint inflammation. Happy New Year!

  71. I’m excited about this book because I’m struggling to stay on track with AIP. The “Overcoming Self-Sabotage” section will be well read by me, and that’s my New Year’s Resolution – to do my best to do what’s best for me. I know what that is, I just have to overcome the self-sabotage. Thanks for writing this book, it will be a great resource, as is your website!!

  72. My goal this year is to be more patient with and kind to myself, as I continue my healing journey. I have often fallen in the trap of kicking myself when I haven’t followed the AIP perfectly, and it does NOT help me heal!! Learning how to love myself through the whole process has been the hardest thing. Thank you Eileen for continuing to work to provide fellow autoimmune warriors with powerful tools to use for healing and growth! May your new year be the most wonderful and rewarding yet!!

  73. I don’t make New Year resolutions, but a couple of months ago my sister and I decided to start the AIP lifestyle. It has already benefited us! We can see differences in our energy levels, our brain fog is clearing, and as a side benefit, we have lost weight. I have enjoyed your blog posts and we have used many of your recipes. Yum!!! Your book sounds wonderful, and we would love to have an instant pot!

  74. I’m looking forward to simplifying my life, organizing closets, rid house of “clutter” and cooking more amazingly healthy AIP

  75. This year I want to make my way through all the amazing AIP cookbooks I own, and my Pinterest favorites. Keep learning and growing.

  76. I don’t make new years resolutions anymore, being chronically ill I get too overwhelmed. Instead I make “commitments” every quarter. Most have to do with my health, but some have to do with the spiritual aspect of my life. I ordered your book and if I win one I will gift it, proudly.

  77. AIP is the biggest part of my new year’s resolution, I ordered your book and I’m very excited to read it as I am just getting started with AIP in 2016. Thank you for this new book I’m sure it will help me stick to my resolution.

  78. Eileen,
    Congratulations on the book! What a great idea and fabulous resource. Kudos to all your hard work. I think your blog and writings are one of the best.

  79. I’d like to get down below 200 pounds again by the end of the year. This is not an unreasonable goal. I spent a little time there three years ago, and prior to that I hadn’t seen the other side of 200 since my daughter was a month old. She’s 11 now. Enough already.

  80. My goal is to spend at least 15 minutes in my art studio everyday (even when I don’t feel like it) and to just do my best everyday and not get so overwhelmed with all the stuff I need to do to get healthy. It is easy to become obsessed and let it take over my life.

  81. I did not make a resolution. I try to just make small, permanent changes as I go, and I find this works better for me. The AIP is on my list to tackle in 2016. I would love to read your new book! Congrats on publishing it!

  82. How disappointing! I tried to fill in the form for Rafflecopter, but the print was pale gray on a white background, I tried clicking in the right places and began typing, but I lost the opportunity to fill it in before my attempt was registered. Anyway, I got the Kindle version and read the entire book already and it is fabulous! Looking forward to my print version so I can share it. January 2 is my day to re-commit to 100% AIP, including getting SLEEP.

    1. Hi Em. I can go into Rafflecopter and make sure your entries were registered. I’ll send you an email to confirm. Happy New Year!

  83. I will make The Most Popular 100 Recipes from ALL the past Roundtables!
    That will make about 2 new recipes every week. And of course continue my AIP healing journey

  84. Wanting to recommit myself to health, I have MS, I’m going to do the AIP protocol for 30-60 days. I’ve been loosely following the Paleo principles but really want to recharge my efforts. Early on I discovered your site, and now I’m back for your guidance. A giveaway certainly helps too!

  85. I am not a huge fan of resolutions but I did make a commitment to 1. Sticking with AIP/wahls protocol and 2. Doing some type of daily yoga. Happy New year!

  86. I’m trying to be aware/mindful of being kind, including to myself. Not exactly New Year’s resolution, more like renewed every day! And I’m focusing on nourishing myself a la Michael Pollan: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. (but my addendum is : mostly AIP!)

  87. This year I am making a resolution: To put my health first! I tend to put my family first, but I realized recently how much my family is affected by my health as well. I cannot be the wife and mother that I want to be if I continue to put myself last on the list.

  88. I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions because I never used to keep them. I think it’s better to make small resolutions every month or week 🙂

  89. I’m going to do a clean whole 30 to determine if I need to do aip. I have been paleo for over a year. Time to go the next step. Congratulations on your new book!!

  90. I do make New Year’s Resolutions. This year I’ve tried to keep it slightly simpler by focusing on one task and one habit at a time. So I have several things I’d like to do, but in each of the areas that I use for goal setting I’ve chosen the one thing that would make the most impact (and be the easiest if possible). My first task was to set up repeating girls’ nights out w/ my bff (sans children). And my first habit is to take my supplements every time. I’m doing great on that this week, but it’s definitely not a “don’t think about it” type of habit yet. Which reminds me, let me go take tonight’s dinnertime pills!

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