31 Days of Holiday Self-Care

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“Consider that the heart first pumps oxygen-rich blood to itself through the coronary arteries, then sends it to the rest of the body. If it did not do so, it would be unable to supply all the needs beyond it. Self-love is not selfishness or self-centeredness but the basis for extending love beyond yourself.”
~ Dr. Andrew Weil

Let’s Commit to 31 Days of Autoimmune Health this December

Some people love the holiday season; others approach it with a sense of dread. Either way, it tends to be a busy time with extra stress, obligations, food temptations, and travel. This can be a recipe for an autoimmune flare, but it doesn’t have to be! I’ve made a list of one simple thing to do each day throughout the month of December. At the bottom of the post, there’s a printable PDF that you can post on your fridge. Happy Holidays!

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31 Days of Holiday Self-Care

  1. Take three deep breaths when you first wake up & again when you go to bed.
  2. Carve out fifteen minutes of solitude for yourself today.
  3. Step outside tonight and look at the moon.
  4. Collect 3 hugs. If you’re by yourself, try a butterfly hug.
  5. Make a date with a friend this month to do something fun and relaxing that has nothing to do with food or the holidays.
  6. Build nutrient-density into your menu this week: cook some organ meat or shellfish.
  7. Go to bed early tonight.
  8. Go for a walk or a scenic drive.
  9. Say no to something you don’t want to do.
  10. Write down three things about your day that make you feel grateful.
  11. Put your smartphone in a drawer for an hour and enjoy some peace.
  12. Read a children’s book.
  13. Call someone you love who you haven’t talked to in a long time.
  14. If you sit a lot, use a timer to remind you to get up and move around once an hour.
  15. Make some bone broth and drink a cup with dinner.
  16. Meditate for five minutes (or longer).
  17. Take a nap.
  18. Collect beauty today: Whenever you walk through a doorway – inside or outside – look around and find something beautiful.
  19. Take an Epsom salt bath (or footbath) before bed.
  20. Add some extra vegetables to your meals today.
  21. When you wake up, don’t look at your phone or computer for the first hour.
  22. Eat a mindful meal today, where you taste and savor every bite.
  23. Go out of your way to smile at people & enjoy the smiles in return.
  24. Do something that brings you joy.
  25. If you feel stressed today, take a self-compassion break.
  26. If you live someplace warm, walk barefoot through sand or grass. If you live somewhere cold, bundle up and get outside and enjoy the fresh air.
  27. Do a random act of kindness.
  28. Listen to some favorite music.
  29. Declutter a drawer or shelf.
  30. Send LovingKindness to five people.
  31. Write down five wishes for the new year.

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